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July - 2011 - issue > 25 Most Promising Emerging Tech Companies

OrangeScape: Enabling Cloud based Solutions

ST Team
Wednesday, July 6, 2011
ST Team
In the late 2003, Suresh Sambandam, a technocrat specializing in product engineering, decided to go after his dream of starting a company, when the opportunity presented itself when Selectica - where he worked as Director of Product Engineering for eInsurance division - decided to sell off the eInsurance division to Accenture. Suresh had an “A+” team, that included Mani Doraisamy – Technical Lead at Selectica at that time, and an individual deeply possessed with passion for technology. The dream of building a global technology company HQ out of Chennai brought them together in founding OrangeScape. Driven by a disruptive product and the team’s strong perseverance in the very challenging technology market, the company has now carved itself a prime position in the fast-growing cloud segment.

OrangeScape positions itself as ‘Visual PaaS’ in the Platform as a Service (PaaS) category, aiming to repeat what “Visual Basic” did in “Client-Server era” in the “Cloud era”. It provides its customers with a platform that lets them create domain rich solutions fast and with ease. OrangeScape’s Visual PaaS uses a modeling driven development environment for creating business applications. These apps can be deployed as Cloud Apps (Single Tenant) or SaaS (multi-tenant) or on-premise applications. The big differentiation factor of OrangeScape platform is that it leverages the public cloud infrastructure of Google App Engine, Amazon WS or Microsoft Azure to provide massive scalability and storage capacity and unlike most alternatives its technology has the plumbing that is required to enable the customers to run their applications on different cloud platforms, or on-premise, without making any changes to their solution.

“To simplify business application development three distinctive parts are required; a software platform, infrastructure that holds the platform, and finally domain expertise. We already had the software platform for simplified business applications development and were seeing early signs of challenges related to infrastructure. To our advantage, cloud came in and we saw the opportunity. We did not hesitate to rewrite the entire platform for a cloud based architecture, thanks to our engineering team headed by our CTO Mani Doraisamy” says Sambandam, CEO, OrangeScape, when talking about how the company transformed itself to the “Cloud Era”. Through leveraging the cloud model the company is able to address the challenge of building a business development application holistically, by providing the platform along with the necessary infrastructure to its customers, there by doing away the initial infrastructure investment that is required for customers to setup the platform.

The company boasts of very large enterprise customers like Unilever, Citi, Pfizer, Ford, Sify, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and many more such global brands. It is this disruptive technology that helped the company to shear past its competitors and win all the recognitions and accolades it has won so far in its journey. Gartner, Forrester, Forbes, and CRN have featured OrangeScape, and it was also selected as one of the ‘Leading Change Agents in India’ by Business World. Business Today has also identified OrangeScape as one of the companies in their list of ‘Indian Microsoft’s in the Making!’ Gartner has featured OrangeScape in its coverage of PaaS competitive landscape globally among the ten companies that it covered. Recently, Forrester identified OrangeScape as one of the 10 companies globally in its latest PaaS Wave Report for 2011.

The company maintains an extremely employee friendly ambience, and considers people as primary asset. It has all the services that an employee friendly company will have for its employees plus a lot more, like flexible working hours. “We value our employees highly and their satisfaction is a must for us. We put trust in our employees’ commitment and don’t even have an attendance system. We have all the necessary facilities for our employees, plus a few add-ons like Microsoft Xbox Kinect for relaxation and replenishment of their creative juices” says Sambandam.

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