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June - 2006 - issue > Jobs in U.S.

Oracle jobs on the platter

Sanjeev Jain
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Sanjeev Jain
It’s the time Oracle DBA specialists rejoice, as the job scenario for them looks very exciting and very durable across the world. The growing demand for Oracle’s suite of software has heated up the already booming jobs market for DBA specialists.

In the U.S., the biggest market for DBA specialists, the demand has outstripped supply, primarily because of the surge in the use of Oracle software by businesses. A DBA specialist should take care of the database design and, implement and maintain database security by creating and maintaining users and roles, assigning privileges.

A hands on experience in installation, configuration and upgrading of Oracle server software and related products, evaluating Oracle features and Oracle related products besides establishing and maintaining sound backup and recovery policies and procedures is what companies are looking for.

Besides this, they should perform database tuning and performance monitoring and perform application tuning while also setting up and maintaining documentation and standards. A look at the requirements of DBA specialists at various job sites reveal that companies are looking at someone who has sound communication skills with management, development teams, vendors and systems administrators, and provide a strategic database direction for the organization.

Skills required for DBA specialists are good understanding of the Oracle database, related utilities and tools and a better understanding of the underlying operating system. A sound knowledge of the physical database design and ability to perform both Oracle and operating system performance tuning and monitoring is also desirable, an Oracle developer’s forum site http://forums.oracle.com/forums/index.jspa says.

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