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Olive Technology: Closing the Cultural Communications Chasm in Global Software Outsourcing

SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
SI Team
When Joseph Vijayam started Olive Technology in the front patio of his house in 1996, he and his team were driven by a singular dream, to provide software development projects catering to the needs of enterprises worldwide. Today, having served over 160 clients, Colorado Springs, CO based Olive Technology continues to grow, seeking new ways to provide software solutions to address business needs. Adapting to the challenges of meeting client needs, Olive Technology has established its operations both in India and the U.S. Geographically closer to its clients' the U.S. team handles sales and marketing, client services, UI and UX design, rapid prototyping and cloud services. Core software development is handled by the team in India that maintains the knowledge, expertise, and experience, providing efficient software development services.

In today's dynamic tech-era, Olive Technology is at the forefront to remove the roadblocks from the paths of CIOs that are mired with four broad technology concerns: timeline, budget, quality, and control. In the light of this, Olive Technology is focusing on three areas-specification, communication, and documentation to address the concerns of its clients. "We spend a good amount of time building solutions based on clear specifications," says Joseph Vijayam, CEO and MD, Olive Technology. "We use software tools to communicate between the client and our project teams, after which we document the software processes and user interactions that enable our clients to maintain the system for a longer term."

Since Olive Technology approaches their clients with end-to end solutions, regardless of the point where they enter the project, their approach has always been to address the project with their full set of solutions. "When designing a web application, we start with mobile-first technology. We architect it in such a way that the backend will support future native mobile clients without extra work," says Vijayam. Olive Technology also helps customers with system integration that gives access to data from any device and location across the world. Olive Technology has made a name for itself with its superlative offerings and capabilities. The company's consulting and planning services is one such aspect of its portfolio, which assists its clients in defining their vision and expectations. When it comes to creating a strong footprint in the eco-system of startups, Olive Technology adopts a 'rapid prototyping' approach. It gives companies the ability to test and validate their assumptions regarding market demands by creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). For more established organizations, Olive Technology's work runs the gamut, including prototyping complex enterprise applications, system upgrades, enterprise-wide integration, and managed infrastructure services.

Knowing Olive Technology's growing reputation, ASAP Audits & Inspections, a specialist in audits and inspections in the agriculture and food industries, approached the company to streamline their audits and reporting processes. "We helped the client select appropriate hardware and software platforms, and developed the integration components to make the pilot system work at 50 percent less cost," says Vijayam. The reports could be filed into electronic pads, using scanners and photographs along with any comment or necessary corrective action.

Olive Technology has adopted various methodologies to raise the quality and clarity of the deliverables provided, while allowing increased efficiencies resulting in reduced costs. With this, the company stays miles ahead of competition and intends to keep ameliorating their capabilities in the software development industry. Concluding with delineating the company's core differentiator, Vijayam says, "Olive does not create new technology, but it builds applications by applying proven technology."
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