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October - 2011 - issue > 10 Most Promising Software Companies

Oak Systems: Offering Boutique Testing Services

ST Team
Thursday, October 6, 2011
ST Team
40 percent of activity in any software project is predominantly related to testing and in reality it only about 15 percent of the team works on testing. Hence, there arises a huge demand for a third party testing service provider who can step in, and take charge of all required software testing needs. Hence, it is not surprising the testing services market has grown to become a billion dollar one. It is this market that Oak Systems is trying to grab a chunk of. Founded in 1998, Oak Systems is a boutique independent Software Testing company headquartered in Bangalore and has been helping clients globally providing quality software solutions and services. The company is the brainchild of Pradeep Oak, a software technocrat with proven track record of managing & executing global software assignments to the satisfaction of clients.

Every organization today demands better, faster and cost effective solutions to manage their businesses. In any software development work Verification and Validation (V&V) is a very critical activity. No matter what development lifecycle is chosen, reviews, testing and other V&V activities form an integral part. In spite of this fact, testing is normally perceived as a low end, unimportant, disposable activity and is considered as a support function. Experience has shown that when there is insufficient, ineffective V&V and testing of software, organizations are exposed to high risks due to software failures leading to loss of credibility and business.

Hence, Oak Systems offers the right mix of business process knowledge, technical expertise and cutting edge technology to deliver flexible and scalable system to suit current and future requirements through inherent quality culture and process maturity. The company provides comprehensive Software Quality Assurance and testing services to Software developers as well as the end users of IT solutions. Delivering its capabilities through its “AnyShore” model, Oak Systems helps companies lower costs, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Through its expertise in concurrent project execution and remote project management, Oak Systems delivers services collaboratively while working with geographically dispersed teams located in various time zones. It specializes in interpreting the user requirements under the FURPS+ model. The functional and nonfunctional requirements are clearly understood under this model for testability. The company’s service offerings cover the Verification & Testing activities associated with the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and variety of SDLC models. From complete V&V Solution to Test Case Design & Test Suite Preparation, Test Automation Architecture, Design & Development, Software Evaluation and User Acceptance Testing to Traceability Analysis and Reviews & Inspections, Oak Systems offers all. The company today with its wide variety of offerings has covered a large range of domains including BFSI, Embedded, RTOS, Defense, Avionics, Automotive, Network Management, Telecom & Wireless Applications, Client Server & Web Applications, ERP, Manufacturing, Gaming Software and much more.

Though the company does not face much challenge in terms of competition, one area that’s quite challenging is finding right talent and explaining customers the need to outsource testing services. To over come this the company has set up two centers of excellence in Karnataka with in engineering colleges since 2003. This has helped them gain a lot of traction amongst engineering students. With respect to customers, the team at Oak Systems has actively begun to educate them on the value created by adopting outsourced services.

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