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NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies: Delivering Worthy Datacenter & Cloud High on Security

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Cloud computing may be at its embryonic phase, but the keenness surrounding it is too striking to go disregarded. The adoption of cloud services in India may be very but it is currently growing very rapidly. Currently, the Indian market lacks the right system that supports cloud IaaS services. Some of the world players from the service provider segment such as Tata Communications and Reliance Communications dominate the data center space. On the other hand, customer requirements are changing, and they rarely ask for co-location of their IT equipment. There is a constant demand for managed service layers above co-location. Customers are looking towards a truly hybrid solution of physical and virtual resources. This is where NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd. comes into picture with truly hybrid service capabilities. NxtGen Datacentre and Cloud Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore, is an emerging leader in data center and cloud-based services that helps in powering businesses by cutting through complexity and saving on cost.

NxtGen, founded in 2012, is positioned as a company that offers IT Infrastructure on-premises and also hosts IT Infrastructure on its own datacenters. Our customers are keen on having certain IT resources, especially linked to compliance on their premises and look for hosted solutions for bringing agility to new web-application roll-outs. Which is why, NxtGen offers elasticity between on-premises and hosted resources, providing infinite IT resources for the customers. "More than delivering on just a scope of work, we go the extra mile to deliver on our customer's objectives for efficient IT infrastructure. Our customers appreciate this approach of ours which gives us the opportunity to do even better. With Intel's support, we are able to deliver 2X performance and save upto 30 percent on our customers' expenditure as compared to the traditional approach to building IT infrastructure", said A.S. Rajgopal, Managing Director & CEO, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies. "Our vision is to deliver an infinite datacenter for our customers. Gartner recognised our vision by selecting us as 'Cool Vendor for 2014'," he adds.

Serving the customers across sparsely located geographies in a large country like India is quite challenging. To meet such challenges, NxtGen has expanded its presence to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. It has also built a strong partner base to get closer to its customers and help them leverage its value proposition. Immense support from multiple technology companies has enabled NxtGen to deliver high performance and secure services to its customers. Cloud adoption in India, and indeed the world over has been plagued with security concerns. Which is why, that is one of the larger focus areas at NxtGen and they have recently started working with Intel Security (earlier McAfee) to complete its portfolio on security services. NxtGen Enterprise Cloud Services help customers run mission critical applications such as SAP, Genome Sequencing, Gaming and others. Which is why, NxtGen allows its customers to use unlimited resources to evaluate cloud services prior to moving their production systems.

NxtGen offers services under 3 portfolios - The first one being On Premise Datacenter Services (OPDC) where fully integrated Datacenter is delivered at customer premise, specially designed to fit into regular office spaces. The largest OPDC the company has delivered so far is for Prime Focus in Mumbai. After this success, NxtGen is now in the process of delivering even larger facility for Emircom at Abu Dhabi, UAE. Secondly, the company is building 2 very large facilities - 28MW facility in Bangalore and 20MW facility in Mumbai - making them the largest Datacenter capacity in the country. To complement these facilities, NxtGen is also working on creating smaller facilities in 10 other cities in India. Thirdly, the company's enterprise cloud services help customers run mission critical applications such as SAP, Genome Sequencing, Gaming and others. Unlike web provisioned cloud services, NxtGen understands the needs of its customers and helps them achieve their business objectives.

The team at NxtGen has been working together for many years and carries varied experience in running infrastructure for large organizations. "Our learning over the years has helped us in creating a unique cloud infrastructure architecture that delivers superior performance at a lower cost compared to the world-leaders in cloud space. It's an honor to share that Reliance Entertainment trusted us to implement cloud infrastructure for their gaming & movie streaming websites. We have grown multi-fold since then and over 800 customers have experienced our services across 7 market verticals," adds Rajgopal.

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