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June - 2008 - issue > In Conversation

Nurturing a New Spectrum

Vimali Swamy
Saturday, May 31, 2008
Vimali Swamy
Even though India is yet to issue licenses for cellular services based on third-generation (3G) technology, sales of 3G-enabled handsets are already on the rise. Major chip manufacturers like Qualcomm are wasting no time bringing out 3G-enabled single-chips. In an exclusive interview with The Smart Techie, Mohit Bhushan, Sr. Director - Product Management, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies talks about the growing market of 3G technology.

What is the state of 3G? What are some of the trends you see right now?

3G is already deployed and there are a number of 3G mobile broadband devices available in the market today. More than 470 devices have been commercialized by April 2008. These devices include handsets, notebooks, USB modems, PC cards, and wireless routers.

The projection before the market today is around 230 million units, and it is expected to grow by 100 million units a year. By 2013 it is expected to reach 800 million. So the trend we see in the markets that have already deployed 3G, like the U.S., Europe, Japan, and some parts of Asia is that the GSM operators are upgrading their networks to 3G for primary data access.

With respect to India what is the market for 3G? What are some of the signals that you are gathering from the market?

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