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Not a Snake & Ladder Game Any More

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Anamika Sahu
I have been a regular weekend visitor to a mall to score all my daily needs since past few years. Post my shopping, I used to have a cup of coffee at the food court there. Around three years back, to my surprise, as soon as I entered the mall, I got an SMS about the discount that the coffee shop was offering for the day on my regular coffee. I hope many of you would have encountered similar situation once and again. But to be precise, yes this is the way today marketing works. It is no more about television advertising or a hoarding. It is more of a mathematics done to zero-in the target consumer and their activities so as to match-make the advertisement on a much better, precise and economical way.

One of the perfect examples is social media. You would have noticed the ads scrolling through the right, left or bottom of your social media page when you login there. But did you notice that the ads reflecting there are mostly from the websites that you recently visited? This shows how our privacy is being filtered and algorithms acts strongly to offer the best space for marketing a company.

Market Research agencies, digital media agencies, social media agencies, PR agencies or Creative agencies, all prey upon these data to feed better marketing solutions to their clients. But it is not a snake and ladder game wherein you just through the dice and walk. Not all companies under these categories will be able to provide you your dream position in the consumer's heart. While there are several companies offering marketing services, many tactfully fool its clients with unethical ways and loot their hard earned money.

Understanding this quest of the industry, we at siliconindia has come up 'Most Promising Marketing Companies – 2015'. The list consists of eminent as well as emerging players within various marketing domain. I hope, the list serves it purpose and helps you land to the marketing agency that will help realize your dreams.

Also, we bring to you the story of 'Infenion India: Ingeniously Enhancing Energy Efficiency along Entire Supply Chain'. Under the esteemed leadership of Vinay Shenoy, Managing Director, Infenion India, this semiconductor company is growing leaps and bounds whilst creating some of the masterpieces.

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