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Next Generation Firewalls are the Need of the Hour

Amit Singh
Country Manager-Dell SonicWall
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Amit Singh
Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Dell Sonicwall is a provider of Internet security solutions and appliances for business continuity, network and content security business units. The company was acquired by Dell for $717 million in October 2012 to extend its security software and services portfolio.

Transitioning from hardware products to software services

Dell originally was recognized as a PC company, then as a server technology provider, and recently the company has made inroads into the storage department. The Force10 acquisition covered the gap with respect to the networking space. In the complete sense of the story of Dell, security was one chapter that was prominently missing. Hence the priorities are to transform into a complete M2M company. Hence Sonicwall fits in very well from a security point of view. So seeing from a change perspective this was always anticipated worldwide.

Three years back the next generation enterprise class firewalls was released. Due to success in the SME product lines, people always reckoned Sonicwall as an SME company. One clear cut priority is to get the rightful share in the SME market. Dell has given Sonicwall the access to a large customer base and will help the firm with its plans for overall vertical growth.

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