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New Technologies bringing Revolution to Remote Access Solutions

Vijender Yadav
Director & CTO- Propalms Network
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Vijender Yadav
Propalms Network is a leading provider of application delivery and secures remote access solutions for Terminal Services, Application Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures. Propalms provides a unique solution suite that helps organizations of any size to increase efficiency of their business processes and productivity of their users & resources by making the corporate applications, data and network services available anytime, anywhere to any device.

Secure Remote Access is a problem that enterprises have been dealing with for years. A decade ago, secure remote access was a right enjoyed by a privileged few: key executives, sales force.

Majority of the use cases deployed have been for branch office connectivity. But ubiquitous high-speed Internet connectivity, coupled with explosive growth in mobile devices has increased expectations. Emergence of some of the new technologies has also allowed organizations to embrace secure remote access for more use cases.

Meanwhile, new mandates continue to accelerate demand for safe, anytime, anywhere access to corporate networks and services.

Many organizations believe in "no remote access" as best secure remote access strategy to keep corporate assets secure and avoid any threats because of remote access. For e.g. the employees are not allowed to work from home or access while roaming to data, directly affecting their productivity and company loyalty. The concerns of the organizations are valid towards unauthorized access, identity impersonation, endpoint infections and the risk of data leakage, especially when the organization deals with highly confidential data like financial and health data.

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