Netlink: Producing Tech-Friendly Solutions to Optimize ROI

SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
SI Team
ROI is one of the most important factors that measure the extent of success of any company. Industries are on a hunt for solutions that provide an immediate ROI, keeping a close tab on the changing technological landscape. Netlink was founded in 1999 with a vision to aid the enterprises keep in pace with emerging technologies and retrieve optimized ROI. Anurag Shrivastava, Co-Founder CEO and Vice Chairman at Netlink says, "Customers have a much shorter time span available to commit for planning, implementation and verification of positive outcomes. At Netlink, we jump start solutions by using our pre-built, proven technology enablers and platforms for clients."

Founded by two friends Dilip Dubey, Chairman, and Anurag Shrivastava, Vice Chairman and CEO, Netlink is a privately held organization; Netlink is a premier provider of information technology, business solutions and supply chains solutions. It addresses the existing business taboos of risky investments to get hands-on efficiency and sustainability, while keeping the clients' business structure at core focus. "Implementations are executed in the right business context which allows clients to foresee the positive results faster while keeping the business control in their hands. It saves them from making possible hazardous investments in unproven solutions," asserts Shrivastava. Further, the firm helps clients keep up with modern technologies through unique engagement models and pricing structures. "Our clients work closely with experienced and talented Netlink teams on all modern technologies based on quick pilots, iterative results extraction, and implementation," says Shrivastava.

Netlink offers a multitude of solutions that cater various needs in clients' infrastructure including Application Value Management that provides application transformation and modernization. The solution is crafted by analysing support cost to value generated with modernization costs and ROI, with respect to critical organizational success factors. Infrastructure Based Solutions is a cloud enabler, allowing enterprises to sort out ways to customize cloud consumption to fit their specific business needs.

Netlink also offers 'The Care Cloud' where the firm addresses new technology solutions in the context of business KPIs and results. "We are helping customers with quick business cases for implementing technologies in BI, Analytics, Big Data, and Mobility to solve critical business issues or to create competitive advantage," extols Shrivastava. The solution enables the clients to wipe out the failure risks while optimizing business flexibility. The company supplements their solutions with outsourcing services that are entrusted to facilitate customers gain advantage of firm's outsourcing capabilities in technology areas or business process either individually or in a bundle. "Our delivery approach helps customers achieve their results while feeling in complete control of their functions," asserts Shrivastava.

At Netlink, 2,180 employees work in tandem to assist the clients in their complex problems, with a result oriented approach while maintaining transparency, agility and flexibility. "Our differentiator is the outstanding blended delivery model where we have resources local to the customer's geography to work directly with them, while we take advantage of our global teams for better project economics and scalability," reckons Shrivastava.

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