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March - 2008 - issue > CEO Spot Light

Netcore: Riding on the Second life of the Mobile

Priya Pradeep
Monday, March 3, 2008
Priya Pradeep
Our company is living the second life of the mobile,” exclaims Girish Nair, COO, Netcore Solutions, a provider of innovative products and services in the messaging and mobile space, launched in 1998. The first generation mobile services initiated the ‘voice revolution’ worldwide when voice was the operator’s only cash cow; and now in its happening second avatar the mobile beckons the ‘data revolution’. The falling mobile tariffs have led to a nose-dive in the average revenue per user. Hence, mobile services have got a make-over with ‘non-voice services’, better known as value added services (VAS), coming into the picture, a direct result of a maturing market bursting at its seams with a mobile savvy populace.

The statistics look pretty for the new VAS trend. Take for instance the fact that India had accumulated more mobile phone users ‘in a month’, approximately 8.3 million in August 2007 than PCs, the count of which stood at a paltry 6 million, ‘in a year’ according to the Department of Telecommunications, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. This makes India the fastest growing mobile market in the world. Now mobile subscriptions have exceeded 260 million in India. Recognizing this trend early, the now 120 person strong Netcore team had moved swiftly to capitalize on the opportunity by adding a division to focus on mobility rather than mere messaging three years ago.

The mobility division of Netcore aims to help consumers, advertisers, and enterprises have a mobile presence. Nair states, “We want to enable VAS that are relevant to everyday life, to reach the masses via the most personal gadget of an individual—the mobile. VAS includes SMS, applications, and mobile portals amongst others, actually anything which is not voice.”

Mobility services at Netcore have been categorized under the umbrella brand MyToday, which caters to both consumers and enterprises.

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