Moksha Media: Creating Your Digital Branding Legacy

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Anamika Sahu
This is the era of online. Brands today are built or broken online, as people the world over are opting to first check their screens before they make any buying decisions. Digital mediums of communication have assumed meteoric significance for most companies and thus it may not be far from the truth when one says that digital media is the new weapon in the world of branding which if used effectively can turn the fortunes of a company around. So for those in the quest for stardom and digital excellence, it is imperative to choose the right partner in the digital branding world, such as Moksha Media, which has been able to carve a niche with smooth efficacy in the digital realm.

Moksha Media's story is motivating and inspiring for many entrepreneurs engaged in the quest for success. Founder & Owner, Anu Veledandi.P., after completing an MBA in Marketing and International Business, channeled her interests, aspirations, and dreams toward building and laying foundations for Moksha Media in 2002 (formally registered in 2007). In the process, Anu turned her interest in branding and digital marketing into a successful enterprise, turning a nascent enterprise like Moksha into one of India's leading digital media companies. In the intervening years, Anu studied the world of technology and its extensive influence on the world of branding. With the ideas that could possibly revolutionize the digital branding and marketing world, Moksha Media engaged in all aspects of Digital Branding - Digital Brand Strategy, Digital Identity, and Digital Communications that helped Moksha emerge as one of the most promising companies. Thanks to the constant desire to innovate, Moksha Media, today,is recognized for its success, work and is reputed for going where few dared to venture.

Falling Head over Heels with Opportunities

The road to success is never a smooth ride and even Moksha has experienced fair share of glitches and hitches since its inception. Established at a time when a very few people accepted strategic digital marketing or the online experience as an integral part of their outreach, Anu worked hard to help clients understand what lay ahead in the future. "To make them understand the importance of digital medium in marketing space, especially in the field of healthcare industry, was an uphill task," says Anu. Digital mediums were considered as a supporting activity and not as an integral part of the growth process. However,later clients began to see the latent potential of this medium and the results spoke for themselves. Currently, Moksha helps clients create strong brands both online and offline, using its innovative integrated digital marketing services.

"With the advent of digital media, digital brand management and branding opportunities have boomed around the world," says Anu. Clients are increasingly well-informed, necessitating companies to step up their game as well.Over the years, clients have realized that their online presence is paramount to their operations, lest they want to be extinct from the market. Companies can immediately connect with consumers and have their feedback via digital communication to help them decide their brand proposition. As time progressed, Moksha has increasingly chosen this digital branding path to help clients directly reach their target audiences through the digital devices. Understanding the importance of digital mediums, corporates have now broadened their revenue stream that might reach around 50 percent of the total marketing budget as results can be measured immediately with digital media and communication, and quick corrective actions can be taken in case of need. This helps organizations control their expenditure and ensures desired results (less wastage and more chances of success).

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