Moksha Media: Creating Your Digital Branding Legacy

Date:   Wednesday , July 13, 2016

This is the era of online. Brands today are built or broken online, as people the world over are opting to first check their screens before they make any buying decisions. Digital mediums of communication have assumed meteoric significance for most companies and thus it may not be far from the truth when one says that digital media is the new weapon in the world of branding which if used effectively can turn the fortunes of a company around. So for those in the quest for stardom and digital excellence, it is imperative to choose the right partner in the digital branding world, such as Moksha Media, which has been able to carve a niche with smooth efficacy in the digital realm.

Moksha Media\'s story is motivating and inspiring for many entrepreneurs engaged in the quest for success. Founder & Owner, Anu Veledandi.P., after completing an MBA in Marketing and International Business, channeled her interests, aspirations, and dreams toward building and laying foundations for Moksha Media in 2002 (formally registered in 2007). In the process, Anu turned her interest in branding and digital marketing into a successful enterprise, turning a nascent enterprise like Moksha into one of India\'s leading digital media companies. In the intervening years, Anu studied the world of technology and its extensive influence on the world of branding. With the ideas that could possibly revolutionize the digital branding and marketing world, Moksha Media engaged in all aspects of Digital Branding - Digital Brand Strategy, Digital Identity, and Digital Communications that helped Moksha emerge as one of the most promising companies. Thanks to the constant desire to innovate, Moksha Media, today,is recognized for its success, work and is reputed for going where few dared to venture.

Falling Head over Heels with Opportunities

The road to success is never a smooth ride and even Moksha has experienced fair share of glitches and hitches since its inception. Established at a time when a very few people accepted strategic digital marketing or the online experience as an integral part of their outreach, Anu worked hard to help clients understand what lay ahead in the future. \"To make them understand the importance of digital medium in marketing space, especially in the field of healthcare industry, was an uphill task,\" says Anu. Digital mediums were considered as a supporting activity and not as an integral part of the growth process. However,later clients began to see the latent potential of this medium and the results spoke for themselves. Currently, Moksha helps clients create strong brands both online and offline, using its innovative integrated digital marketing services.

\"With the advent of digital media, digital brand management and branding opportunities have boomed around the world,\" says Anu. Clients are increasingly well-informed, necessitating companies to step up their game as well.Over the years, clients have realized that their online presence is paramount to their operations, lest they want to be extinct from the market. Companies can immediately connect with consumers and have their feedback via digital communication to help them decide their brand proposition. As time progressed, Moksha has increasingly chosen this digital branding path to help clients directly reach their target audiences through the digital devices. Understanding the importance of digital mediums, corporates have now broadened their revenue stream that might reach around 50 percent of the total marketing budget as results can be measured immediately with digital media and communication, and quick corrective actions can be taken in case of need. This helps organizations control their expenditure and ensures desired results (less wastage and more chances of success).

Social marketing is changing the way business is conducted, allowing companies to directly interact with stakeholders/businesses and simultaneously empowering customers to gauge if the brand meets their expectation before the purchase. Here, Moksha feels that digital media can help build brand awareness as provided by ATLs and also be conversion oriented with direct response driven marketing like in BTLs. Digital thus provides the best of both. Anu opines, \"Digital can be very challenging too as it encourages dialogues - two way communication\". Thus digital branding becomes more of what others perceive of your brand than your own opinion. It helps create brands through interactivity and relationship building, leading to a personal touch in selling. \"As customers turn to digital media, your brands ownership belongs to public. Thus it is very important to ensure your best to be successful,\" she feels.

Creating Brand Value & Advocates

Through digital mediums, companies are narrating stories directly to their customers in a way that not only stays with them, but also transforms their business to an experience for them, thus creating an unforgettable brand. Hence, Moksha focuses extensively on what the client aims to attain and with that as its focus, creates a digital identity for its client.

Moksha works hard at ensuring its relationship with clients move beyond being that of a vendor client to one of partnership, by adopting a performance based, win-win approach to their services. By taking a personal interest in their work and how it is translated to the audience, the company ensures that client\'s interests are best represented to the world. Their model of 360 degree network branding that includes Brand Strategy Development, Brand Identity and Brand Communications with special focus on Digital Branding, also helps differentiate them from competition. As initial branding consultants, Moksha helps organizations in the ideation and development of brand strategy and communications. However, for the digital mediums, it partners with clients and takes complete responsibility of Digital performance.

Moksha\'s focus on all mediums of digital branding ensures all-around visibility and consistent messaging to the audiences. Its integrated offer begins with digital strategy development (in lines with the brand strategy), website design and development, content, maintenance, updating (content & technology), digital marketing, social media, mobile, tracking of performance, analytics and redesigning the marketing plan. The company works closely with clients\' marketing team, often acting as an extension to their efforts. This is done using various channels depending on the results expected.

The Comprehensive Package

Moksha\'s comprehensive package ensures that client doesn\'t have to worry about any aspect of the digital medium. The company frequently introduces and tries out different possibilities to increase client\'s digital presence and ensure more audience conversions. In order to improve client\'s brand credibility, Moksha also works to ensure its digital identity is safeguarded. It also looks at specialized services like Online Reputation Management, set up a team to track and analyze performance and increase revenue via these digital channels.

With extensive focus on offering services that are scarcely touched by other agencies, Moksha uses advanced technology, be it for their web modules, content, digital marketing, social media campaigns, online PR or mobile marketing to serve its clients. Its focus on staying on track with the latest innovations in the industry, has helped it offer superior tracking, analytics, digital assets management options to its clients,including maintenance of their systems and upgrades to be coordinated with the latest technology. This focus on not just creating and marketing digital brand identity, but also ensuring the performance is tracked via customized performance tracking solutions, has proved to be an invaluable tool for most clients to analyze their performance, understand the market and amend their marketing plans to ensure better outcomes. Moksha ensures the digital team is set up internally at the client\'s office and is well-trained to respond quickly to online queries.

Serving The Less Opportunist

A lot of Moksha\'s work is concentrated in the healthcare sector. In the past, hospitals did not need to find patients the way other industries needed to find customers. Hence, the marketing departments in many hospitals did not have to do anything different. However, this has changed; hospitals are now competing for patients based on both costs and quality of care. Also, with more number of specialized hospitals, competition has also got very tough. Therefore, it is important to have an updated and dynamic online presence - from being ranked high in search results to having a mobile website, which is widely used for appointments and other interactions. From early on, Moksha understood the tangible effects of digital marketing in the healthcare space. \"Ignoring digital revolution in marketing and advertising, especially in the healthcare sector, would be cataclysmic for any enterprise,\" says Anu. In the current scenario, every customer shops for healthcare services through internet and social networks. Information, reviews and performance graphs of each service is easily available and accessible.

One of Moksha\'s clients is the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS Hospitals), Hyderabad. A 1800 bed Multi Super Specialty Hospital, KIMS is the largest corporate healthcare group in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, currently operating five successful, fully-independent hospitals. KIMS Hospitals had an obsolete website and low digital presence. After Moksha took over as the Digital Branding Partner for KIMS in December 2013, the hospital has experienced whopping growth on the digital front. Moksha employed an aggressive business strategy for them, increasing KIMS\' website visits from a low of 500 views to 44896 as of May 2016 and taking their revenue contribution from Digital from null to 5 percent of the total revenues (an increase of over 5000 percent). \"We actually aspire to break our own records the next year and double the 5 percent increase to 10 percent,\" says Anu.

Despite such exemplary and out-of-the-chart performance, Moksha\'s commitment to digital branding and marketing remains steady and unchallenged. \"We can comfortably say that our performance mirrors our commitment. We have become the unchallenged digital branding consultants in the healthcare sector. We are here and 100 percent committed to bringing the best for our clients. Opting for Moksha Media is perhaps the best decision companies can take to boost their image in the healthcare space,\" reiterates Anu.

Bringing the Best

The bootstrapped Moksha has raised itself to its current standing solely by its own mettlewith strong focus on being truly online and thanks to its team\'s passion for challenges. Its total workforce of 25 includes very few people in the office with most work being done online by the rest of the team. Moksha ensures it brings in the best consultants in their respective domain to offer seamless delivery of the output. And hence its team consists of creative, strategy and technology experts. Given the freedom of working from where they like, has resulted in a very proactive team. Moksha takes a personal interest in ensuring that the best professional support is offered to the team to help them grow via individual and customized training plans. The diverse nature of the group also allows for internal knowledge sharing, resulting in the creatives having a great insight into strategy and technology.

Showered with Love

Moksha was ranked among the Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Agencies - 2015 by siliconindia, Top 20 Most Promising Healthcare Solutions and Service Providers 2015 by ERP Insights and amongst the Top 10 Most Valuable Digital Marketing Companies - 2016 by Insight Success Magazine. Anu has recently also been ranked among the 50 Most Empowering Women in Business 2016 by Insights Success. But accolades have not affected it a bit and the focus remains strongly on the future. Moksha is looking to expand its clientele by attracting new customers from different industries and start-ups, globally.

Always conscientious, Moksha, which has also been involved with social causes, also hopes to provide marketing solutions for organizations working on social causes. \"Ultimately,what companies need are cost-effective digital solutions. And that is what we want to focus on - providing cost-effective and innovative digital branding solutions.Our idea is to always stay ahead and keep ourselves abreast with the latest technology and provide better and effective marketing solutions in the areas of digital media. So in the next five years our aim is to spread our wings further and work for more national and international markets,\" concludes Anu.

Key Management:

Anu Veledandi P, Founder

Committed to raising her company to higher levels, Anu has dedicated her life to finding the best ways to utilize her skills for the betterment of all.

Office: Hyderabad

Clients: KIMS Hospitals, Global Hospitals, CARE Hospitals, BioGenesis HealthCluster, Indo British Geriatrics Council, Global Cancer Foundation, Healthy Ageing in the Changing World, World Congress on Gynecology and Paediatrics, Think Beyond Cancer, & World Congress On Women.