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Moksh Interactive: Designing Truly Beautiful Experiences that Stand Out

si Team
Sunday, September 6, 2015
si Team
Creating a network with potential customers, peers and employees with a hearty smile and handshake during your corporate event can never be beaten by a video conference communication. Also who doesn't love to save a beautiful experience with their colleagues and friends to their albums? Can even a recession stand in the way? Apparently not. Event management is one of those extraordinary recession-proof industries that grew 15 percent even during the slump. With the prime motto of designing beautiful experiences that stand out, Moksh Interactive Events makes deep and memorable impact by wholeheartedly creating diverse relevant themes every time as opposed to lackadaisical run-off-the-mill services. Vis-a-vis most companies that receives briefing from clients, Moksh studies client's brand and briefs them on sundry ways to make more impact. The company follows a unique approach, where it attempts to understand everything that would satisfy diverse people, create campaigns and design an event for them. "It is a team work. The more you discuss and plan, the more you understand the subject and client true requirements. That's what makes an event successful," concludes Vikram V. Muday, Founder, Moksh Interactive. The company recruits highly creative people who are amazing planners, dreamers and marketers.

Heaps of Success Stories

Although Moksh caters to almost everyone, it has built its forte on brand management and employee engagement services for the corporate sector by organizing events such as annual days, product launches and conferences amongst others. The company celebrated Facebook's fifth year in India by combining F5 (refresh) and a Hyderabadi theme, where people got to take instant photos in dresses like Nawab and Queen, enjoyed stand up comics, music and food associated to the theme. Likewise, the company once planned a New Year party from September, studied the category of target audience and campaigned around it with strong media plan. Moksh learned clients' sensibilities and implemented it as a family event with excellent theme, music & ambience and even gave away goody bags. It stood apart amongst hundred of parties in the city and got covered by two big paparazzi and some news reporters. Moksh made it a separate category and has been doing it successfully for seven years in a row. Now people dreaming for the grandest New Year party know where to book in advance.

Organizing International Events

Born in 2005, Moksh Interactive is the brain child of Vikram V. Muday, a hospitality graduate who started his career in 2001. Strongly believing in continuous learning and tweaking weak points at every turn helped the company to acquire top-notch clientele including TCS, DR. REDDY'S, DELL, COMPAQ, Deloitte, Airtel, BLUE STAR and many more. The company has not only organized events across India, but also conducted some international events in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Nevertheless, Moksh considers its impressive client retention rate as its greatest achievement.

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