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July - 2011 - issue > CEO Spotlight

Mobile will drive the next wave of advertisement

Suresh Narasimha
Friday, July 1, 2011
Suresh Narasimha
An evident trend in mobility is that the marketers are embracing the mobile media channel with open arms and they are doing so not for the sheer amount of time consumers spend on their devices that makes the channel valuable, but for the ‘context’ in which consumers are using them. Going forward it becomes imperative, that the ‘Mobile’ is integrated with the the traditional media which will enhance a Brand’s ROI through 1:1 engagement which will facilitate the delivery of ‘better value.

And we at Telibrahma are perhaps one of the few players in India who are filling this gap with our in house developed platform intARact - which enables, brands to better validate and apportion their media spends while creating a deeper 1:1 contact with potential consumers and consumers with better and sharper information/engagement assimilation by combining context with the information delivery. In the coming years, advertising will get smarter and support lot of content. With Mobile internet getting integrated with the unique capabilities of the mobile phone, will change advertising on this medium for better and create a new opportunity for advertisers.

We will see a mix of interesting changes in the industry during the coming years. Technologies like Augmented Reality, location-based communication delivery and rich media engagements can effectively leverage mobile internet to make mobile the heart of advertising strategies. Coupled with 3G enabling higher mobile internet speeds, relevant information delivered as rich media/video can change how consumers connect with the brand.

Mobile usage ‘instore’ is going to witness fast growth. Loyalty management programs, contextual coupons and in-store engagements optimise ad spend and enable more powerful brand connect with consumers.

One of the biggest challenges that most start-ups face today is the availability of required talent — talent who understand product development, consumers and branding and can sell it to both consumers and customers. Also lesser availability of good VC money compared to western world and flatter world make it harder for a young company to survive.

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