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Men of Honor

Bjorn Krylander
Tuesday, February 1, 2005
Bjorn Krylander
In the early 90s, ‘The Economist’ (Article titled: The Caged Tiger), fretted that India’s enormous potential was being strangled by protected economy. The economy was protected so much that the Government knew for one that if it were to open up then the entry of foreign companies would kill the domestic industry.

Why did the Government think so? It knew Indian companies lacked global competitiveness, ambition and managerial qualities that would prevent it from the onslaught of foreign companies who had money, think tanks (management) and edge to succeed in India.

If one lives in the industrialized world and knows how business is done globally, they would have surely come across and heard about a few Indian companies that have stood up to their global competitors. A great achievement for a nation that opened up its economy, a decade and half ago, to pave way for global companies to explore the untapped Indian market. While the government restricted its interference, to facilitate smooth transition of a protected economy to an open economy, it knew that the stronger ones would survive and weaker ones will fade into oblivion.

Since then a lot has changed. We have seen a great many Indian companies rising to the occasion and making a mark in the world of business and economy. How did Indian companies, particularly those in the technology arena, do a turnaround to be heard and spoken about with awe?

Well, it was the technological innovation and management maturity that helped Indian companies walk abreast with their foreign counterparts.

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