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Medusind Solutions: Creating a Win-Win Situation with Strategic Moves

Kavitha G.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
Seneca, a Roman dramatist, philosopher & politician once quoted, "If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable". This quote definitely fits any business scenario as well. If an organization is endeavoring to pioneer its market with its best services and solutions, a lack of well-chosen and pertinent strategy can lead to the breakdown of the entity. A company, in order to successfully weave and execute strategies, has to keep pace with the rapid industry shifts and ever changing customer's psyche. Many do not succeed in doing so. Medusind Solutions, an India based healthcare knowledge outsourcing company, has been successful in standing at the crest of the wave with its business strategies. Instead of reinventing the wheel again, Medusind has focused on moving forward with an approach that has enabled the company to keep up with the changing expectations of the industry. The strategy has been straightforward and simple - to be the best in the field which Medusind has expertise in, with a focus on performance driven quality deliverables and to create flexibility by building strong technology platforms. The company has retained its entrepreneurial flexibility and diversified in various verticals within US healthcare arena by taking advantage of new market opportunities as and when they presented themselves.

From its inception in 2002 till present, Medusind has been surprising competitors and clientele alike with its keen focus on serving U.S. healthcare industry and its clearly crafted performance-oriented strategy. Incorporated by a team of industry professionals, the founding team consists of – Rajiv Sahney, Sandeep Singhal, Vipul Bansal and Dhiren Kapadia. The company started as a vendor for BPO services in healthcare coding, billing & collections. Under the leadership of Vipul Bansal, the current CEO and Director, Medusind has grown to become a globally integrated service delivery organization with its own propriety tech platform. The company has been successful both in organic and inorganic growth and is today catering to end to end medical and dental revenue cycle management services in the US. Medusind has further diversified and increased its services portfolio, offering third party administrator solutions and high end customized services in content management, medical abstracts, medical bill review and analytics. "My focus has been on having consistent profitable growth ensuring that we remain an economically viable business and I take great satisfaction that we have achieved that vision," asserts Vipul Bansal.

Not only in its solutions, Medusind has also aligned similar performance-driven methodologies within self, thus creating a win-win proposition for both internal and external resources. It has achieved this by being very performance oriented and transparent about the company vision and expectations to its employees. By leveraging its home grown technology solutions across all service delivery workflows and various support departments, Medusind has built a strong software team with both domain and functional expertise. This has resulted in diversifying into software healthcare practice management as a separate business vertical further expanding its capabilities.

With client's needs, requirements and satisfaction as its lifeblood, the crew deploys their domain expertise, experienced manpower and cutting edge technology in the end-to-end and cost-effective solutions that cover the whole spectrum of tasks and processes in the US healthcare industry. While the other vendors serve a specific sector of the healthcare industry, Medusind, backed by CPC-certified physician coders, billing, coding and software professionals, has mastered multiple services in the healthcare KPO and BPO arena that endeavors to deliver increased efficiency at reduced costs. The industry specific and customized solutions have been successful in earning happy customers across the genre of Physician practices, Hospitals, Dental groups, Group Purchase Organizations and Third Party Administrator companies leading to a high client retention rate of 95 percent over the last 12 years.

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