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Lucideus Tech: Hacking for the Right Reasons

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
'With birth of money came the robbers, and when robbers grew, came the police'. This historical dogma breathes in a larger and more complicated atmosphere in present times. Today, information equates to money saving it from the modern day robbers - Hackers - is what perturbs the organizations all over the globe. With a purpose to ensure businesses have a safe and secure information flow on the web and developing a cyber security eco-system in the country, a young entrepreneur - Saket Modi - founded Lucideus Tech in 2012.

Today, over one third of the global population is connected through web. But with increasing populace online and the amount of data being generated every day, there is high risk of theft, fraud, and abuse on the web. Based in New Delhi, Lucideus Tech lives by its name which has emerged by coalescing 'Lucifer' meaning 'darkness', and 'Deus' meaning 'God of Light'. Lucideus Tech strives to channelize the bad energy of hacking into the right usage by right intentions and skill sets. It engages itself into ethical hacking to save businesses from the wrong doers and evil forces.

The world is moving towards a collaborative technology - Internet of Things (IoT) which will bring together technologies like big data, cloud computing, analytics and social media on one platform. The only reason that holds back businesses move to such game changing technologies is security. Sensing the opportunities and the challenges in the rapidly growing cyber market, Saket and his friend Vidit Baxi joined hands to provide organizations with cost-effective security solutions catering their specific needs. It mainly provides Cyber Security Consulting, Cyber Security Training and Cyber Security Services. The two year old startup today serves three of top five private banks and four of the top five e-Commerce companies in India. Its basket of clients contains some of the big names like IBM, Microsoft, Cognizant, HCL, RBI, Indian Railway and many others.

Nurturing great minds from renowned educational institutes, the company houses a strong team of 32 people which is well versed with the criticalities of cyber security. Lucideus Tech has also set up a research lab inside the IIT Bombay campus which gives the company an extra edge while attracting the cream layer of the industry and engages with them in research activities. Passionate about cyber security, Saket has been taking workshops in most IITs. The company has trained over 60,000 people in more than 200 colleges across India that has also helped the organization attract and employ industry's best talent. "'Chance favors the Prepared'. Cyber security is not our core competency, it's the only competency that we have. Thus, we are prepared for the web revolution the world is going through and strive reaching a point where everybody wants to connect with us," says Saket Modi, CEO & Co-Founder, Lucideus Tech.

Before incorporating the company, Saket and Vidit had been giving training classes and consulting on cyber security across the country. This has helped the company remain bootstrapped till date. Headquartered in Delhi, Lucideus Tech has offices in Kolkata and Mumbai. It plans to start an office in Bangalore by the end of this year and envisions expanding its foothold in the Middle East, Europe and North America. Lucideus Tech wishes to keep moving ahead with a vision of becoming a reliable and trusted brand in the field of cyber security.
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