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LifeLine Systech Solutions: Thrusting your Business to the Pinnacle of Success

si Team
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
si Team
Time, budget or people, project failures can lure the organizations to shatter down dramatically. While large enterprises successfully annihilate those traumatic situations with their fully equipped portfolio, small organizations are left with minimal or no choice, but to answer their final summons, before they even set their best foot in the industry. Not only project management becomes challenging, but with the limited resources they possess, small players continuously stress out to manage the flow of information across the enterprise, execution of endeavors and enable other business-critical functions, thereby failing to orchestrate their performance. Thus, to propel those small companies to relish the delights of streamlined businesses and rub shoulders with the pioneers of the industry, LifeLine Systech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – a Pune based software company – kicked off a single platform that would proffer visibility into all the endeavors within an organization and lead to a better project planning, execution and control, process compliance, customer support, stakeholder visibility and collaboration, and that was named 'Whizible Suite'.

Born to the 'business solution' company, Whizible is the manifestation of Lifeline's proven prowess in the domains of services execution and project management. As the underlying fortitude of the company, the product has been perfectly crafted to offer astonishing augmentation quotient to service delivery organizations that deliver process driven projectized services. The suite holds the pride of three main categories namely Whizible Execution, Whizible Initiatives and Whizible Strategy that are dedicated to specific value offerings. Besides, the platform also dons the cap of collaboration tool, service delivery management tool, a ticketing tool, a quality process deployment tool and a business intelligence tool, filling flesh to its definition – one single platform for all the business needs.

The Torchbearer of the Eminence

Lifeline has been orchestrating performance of customers organizations by stimulating technologies to work since 2012. The company firmly believes that its enviable marquee customer portfolio – which majorly covers large and small professional services organizations, engineering and financial services companies – tightly knit team and Whizible have made its endeavors a success. With a happy zest to embrace challenges, the company has been successfully combating the generic business and industry challenges of being an SME.

Lifeline has never failed to astound the industry by giving the customers an opportunity to relish the bliss of a product company. The organization is nourished in the hands of the leadership minds who own a rich track record of scrutinizing the problems and 'apply' technology to accelerate the RoI. powered by a culture of unbridled enthusiasm, the crew at Lifeline is empowered to follow the simple mantra – winners don't necessarily do different things; they do same things differently – and celebrate such opportunities for adding incremental value. "We recently carried out a 'Systems Thinking' workshop where everyone was involved in improving the 'culture' and add meaning. Likewise, we always respect and help each other with a smile on our face, however pressurizing the situations are. We win only if the team wins," proclaims Vishwas Mahajan, Director, LifeLine Systech.

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