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LexisNexis:Transforming Information into Actionable Knowledge

Poulomi Mukherjee
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
While Europe, U.S., Australia and several developed countries have embraced online information based decision making, countries like India are still print dominated. Although lack of awareness about ease and efficiency of using online solutions plays a major role, the poor quality of internet penetration adds to this deadlock. The print information is limited to those who have physical access to it, is hard to maintain and archive, and often difficult to search when you need it most. LexisNexis comes as a savior through a suite of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the Legal, Risk Management, Corporate, Government, Law Enforcement, Tax, & Accounting and Academic markets.

As a part of the Reed Elsevier Group, LexisNexis provides access to billions of searchable documents and records from more than 45,000 sources, processes huge amount of information and serves it in a structured, easily usable and retrievable format to customers. While companies increasingly struggle with complexity of sourcing and analyzing information for their research, and ensuring adherence to compliance norms as stipulated by the law, LexisNexis helps them steer ahead through a variety of different solutions. LexisNexis excels in combiningrich and authentic legal, news and business research content and data with analytics and technology.
LexisNexis provides effective legal and business research solutions for the new age knowledge professionals. For example, Lexis�.com and Lexis�India provide comprehensive, quick and relevant international and Indian legal research solutions respectively with unique benefits that help accelerate the research and decision making process. On the other hand, Nexis� helps companies and CXOsgather market intelligence, provides sharp insights and latest news on: their clients, prospects, competition, industry trends and analysis across different industries, tracking M&A activities and accessing executive profiles. Since content and technology is the heart of the organization, LexisNexis employs a strong and efficient editorial and engineering team to ensure that the overall quality of the solutions remains uncompromised.

Founded in the year 1818 as Butterworths Group, LexisNexis is a brilliant example of successful transition and evolution of a historically print based publishing company into a professional online solutions leader over the years.Armed with such rich experience of about two hundred years and its growing technical competence,LexisNexis is now spread over 100 countries with thousands of clients in the US, UK, Canada and Asia-Pacific. "Globally, there are about 94 percent of the Fortune 500 companies that use LexisNexis products and solutions to help them stay ahead of competition," quotes Mohan Ramaswamy, CEO, LexisNexis India. LexisNexis offers a Total Solutions approach to address specific needs of its clients that improve productivity, increase profitability and stimulate business growth by enabling informed and confident business decisions.Pioneers in online information with its Lexis and Nexis suite of services, the company is one of the leading global providers of content based workflow solutions.

With a broader purpose and common theme of Advancing the Rule of Law that unifies LexisNexis across the globe, the company envisages continuing to develop new products & solutions that help customers make better, faster and effective decisions.Using stringent internal quality benchmarks and scoring mechanisms, LexisNexis strives to deliver improved outcomes to its customers, helping them take better decisions, achieve better results, and be more productive. The company has a strong customer focus and has built a large social media presence to directly connect, engage, learn and communicate with its customers and keep pace with the changing times.


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