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Leveraging ERP's Human Resources module - pay for one license to cover all HR needs

Ganesh Devle, Global Delivery Head, Invenio Business Solutions
Thursday, March 24, 2016
Ganesh Devle, Global Delivery Head, Invenio Business Solutions
Headquartered in Berkshire, UK, Invenio Business Solutions provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) focussed on SAP, tax & revenue management, business intelligence & big data, mobility, CRM, and many other services to corporate and Government institutions.

ERP Overview

ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) software is a powerful business management tool that helps you measure and increase employee productivity. Hiring, training, assessing, and managing today's workforce are all key to business growth and success.

The HR Module in SAP ERP has a set of rich features and it integrates seamlessly with other modules. SAP ERP HCM module offers wide range of solutions for HR department making it possible for other departments to access specific employee data. The SAP HCM module covers all the functions required in business practice and is flexible enough to optimize the business processes by configuring to suit business requirement.

Enhancing Business Agility & Results with Human Capital Analytics

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