Leveraging ERP's Human Resources module - pay for one license to cover all HR needs

Date:   Thursday , March 24, 2016

Headquartered in Berkshire, UK, Invenio Business Solutions provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) focussed on SAP, tax & revenue management, business intelligence & big data, mobility, CRM, and many other services to corporate and Government institutions.

ERP Overview

ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) software is a powerful business management tool that helps you measure and increase employee productivity. Hiring, training, assessing, and managing today\'s workforce are all key to business growth and success.

The HR Module in SAP ERP has a set of rich features and it integrates seamlessly with other modules. SAP ERP HCM module offers wide range of solutions for HR department making it possible for other departments to access specific employee data. The SAP HCM module covers all the functions required in business practice and is flexible enough to optimize the business processes by configuring to suit business requirement.

Enhancing Business Agility & Results with Human Capital Analytics

The platform helps in improving results and in reducing risk by incorporating human capital analytics from SAP into everyday business decisions. Business can access human capital analytics easily with prebuilt reports, dashboards, best practices, and industry benchmarks.

Engage, Develop & Retain the Right Talent for Your Business

With the use of ERP, organizations can improve employee engagement and business outcomes by attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent. SAP ERP comprehensive On Premise and cloud-based talent solutions help simplify talent management, so that HR professionals can proactively act, easily measure, and clearly communicate talent results and business impact.

Refine Workforce Performance through Optimized Time-Off Management & Time-Sheet Data

With use of ERP, organizations can automate and accelerate workforce time and attendance management processes and empower employees to manage their time-related information with greater ease on their mobile device of choice. In turn, managers can access their team members\' information and quickly approve time-off requests. With time and attendance management solutions from SAP Success Factors, companies can facilitate absence planning and time recordkeeping of their employees.

Human Resource modules can help to track different people-related functions, such as planning, payroll, administration, development, hiring, and more, and because HR ERP modules offer an integrated solution, you pay for one license to cover all of your needs and this reduces overall expenses while also making it easier maintain budget.

SAP HCM is a suite of integrated solution, designed to facilitate HR operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs by deploying self-service applications. SAP ERP solution offers many different sub-systems under the HR module. Listed below are some of the most common sub modules which can be used by companies using one license.

Personnel Management: The personnel management comprises of HR master-data, personnel administration, recruitment and salary administration.

• Organizational Management: Organizational structure, staffing schedules and job description.

• Payroll System: Salary management, statutory reporting and attendance management for salary calculation.

• Time Management: Shift planning, time recording, absence & leave management.

• Personal Development: Training & event management, additional training determination and training assessment.

Human Resource & Payroll (On Premise)

With the use of SAP HCM, organizations can set the support for your human capital management solutions, either with a full localized coverage for personnel administration, organization management, time management or payroll or with the country-specific packages for HR Core processes to the HR professional in the organization.

Pre-configured content for Employee and Manager Self-Service enables businesses to rapidly implement intuitive HR user interfaces tailored to employees and managers, giving people access to personal information and making it easy for managers to make decisions on compensation and staffing. In addition to increasing employee and manager productivity and optimizing processes, they relieve your HR staff of administrative tasks and free them up for more strategic activities.

Human Resource & Payroll (On Cloud)

1. Organizations can consolidate core HR and payroll operations in the cloud with software from SAP available in 37 languages.

2. Execute talent-driven strategies for workforce information with embedded, insightful reports and analytics.

3. Focus on value-added activities that support business strategies and goals.

4. Streamline payroll processes in the cloud to increase ROI with globally available payroll processes.

5. Using pre-configured content, businesses can accelerate the implementation and get optimal time-to-value of their core HR processes in the cloud.

Cost Vs. Roi for Incorporating the Platforms

Return on investment is defined as the profit and/or cost savings an organization realizes as the result of a monetary investment. The ways that SAP HCM provides a quality ROI to an organization is much more extensive and enveloping.

A Reduction in Turnover: It is well known that retaining talent is a far less costly deal than replacing it. SAP HCM enables a company to focus on the best performers within the organization. This means the best candidates for promotion can be identified and rewarded for being top talent. Simply, it helps ensure retention of those key employees and supports continued success of the organization in the future, all things that help save money and maximize organizational potential.

Lower Risk of Non-Compliance Issues: Sameness is essential in HR best practices. It assures that each employee is treated fairly and equally, while minimizing inconsistencies and legal exposure. It also provides a clear benchmark of what is expected of each side in the employer/employee relationship. SAP HCM ERP maintains these standards through consistency in information flow, interaction and ease of use. Simply put, SAP HCM defines and retains HR best practices and significantly lowers the risk of unnecessary issues, legal or otherwise. Fewer issues=Less Expense=A Better ROI.

A Shift within HR from Highly Administrative Tasks to More Strategic Ones: Every minute an organization spends tending to administrative tasks is a minute it loses focusing on strategic goals and making improvements for the future. SAP HCM helps alleviate this issue by consolidating and simplifying all of the different aspects of HR management. Various HR divisions become easier and less time-consuming to manage, forms and actions become simpler to process and understanding improves as procedures and workflow are more transparent to those involved. All of this enables the organization and the key pieces within it to focus their efforts on strategies aimed at organizational improvement.