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Leading with User Experience

Shashank Deshpande
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Shashank Deshpande
It's raining Apples, Mangoes and Ice Cream Sandwiches. The Clouds are getting fuller and bigger and more varied. Winds of change are blowing through every crack of every screen out there; nurturing innovation, ripening products and awakening the forces of creative destruction. This, ladies and gentlemen, is sunny weather.
Three years ago, we were ‘drinking the kool-aid’
We believed, how people relate to technology would fundamentally change, as computing innovation became principally user-driven. We believed a software product revolution was imminent. And, we believed user experience would come to govern product success.

It just felt right to be in the business of building software products with exemplary user experiences. But even as optimism-biased entrepreneurs, we didn't think this would happen so fast, and at such a massive scale... Like today, estimates say that a billion smartphones are now active. But it seems this will pale in comparison to what will happen five years hence, because as many smartphones will be sold annually by 2016.

Imagine that: a billion new smartphones a year. How will that change your world? For us, as user experience designers and technologists, it already has.
A humble submission and five big themes
Our customers are our heroes. We owe them our amazing vantage point, into the inner workings of perhaps the biggest paradigm shift in computer history. We humbly share the perspective this gift affords us. We find increasingly, software product leaders meditate upon five big themes, in their quest to create breakthrough software user experiences:
1. Make design transparent and technology, even more invisible. 2. A ‘users first’ philosophy de-risks product investments. 3. Architect for cross-platform and cross-device use, by default. 4. Software is King, but data is the Grand Wazir that controls the endgame. 5. A global product team can generate immense competitive advantage. [1] ‘Transparent’ design and ‘invisible’ technology

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