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Latest Trends in Urban Mobility End of the Car-Owning Era: Indians Outgrowing Automobiles & Opting for Alternate Means to Commute

Sakshi Vij, Founder & CEO, Myles
Sunday, October 16, 2016
Sakshi Vij, Founder & CEO, Myles
Headquarters in New Delhi, Myles provide self drive car sharing service and allows customers to rent car on short and long duration, from couple of hours to several months. Running in 21 cities in India, the platform uses sophisticated telematics solutions to enable cars to be available on a single web & mobile platform.

The ingenuity of human beings has always managed to push against the tides of risk and doubt to satisfy basic needs, making us one of the most advanced species on planet Earth. It is quite evident that our predecessors were very innovative in terms of making our lives easier with some significant contributions. Take an example of the way we commute or travel from one place to another.

We always choose a medium of transport that can cover a distance within the shortest possible time and requires minimal effort. Be it cars, bikes, or public transport, we have multiple commuting options which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. However, it wasn't just innovation that led to groundbreaking inventions like these.

Technological Advancement

Over the years, advancement in technology has been the biggest growth driver of many industries, one of them being the automobile industry. Nowadays, many automobile manufacturers have begun to utilize cutting-edge technology in their prototypes, which have been specifically developed to improve and augment their usability. Furthermore, with an increasing focus on sustainable development, several industry leaders have begun to modify their production capabilities to roll out various eco-friendly models. This sudden shift in perception has given rise to a new trend, viz. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). The SUMPs are a set of correlated action plans which have been developed to look after the mobility requirements of both individuals and organizations in a viable manner.

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