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Kranium HR Services: Not an Outsourcing Company, but a True Strategic HR Partner

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 5, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Do you struggle to help employees align their goal with that of your organization's goal? Do you have a basic HR set up, which is woefully short of expertise to create an organizational structure and add any value? Do your employees encounter the feeling of partisanship and favoritism? Are you a startup or still in the startup mode without an HR function? Is your company in a high growth phase and you don't have the time to worry about HR processes and systems? If yes, then Kranium HR Services Private Limited is the ideal partner who can take away all these worries, as the company relies on its strength, functional and consulting experience and fearsome reputation to deliver tangible business results through its end-to-end Managed-HR services.

Partner in Your Success

Kranium started as pure play non-IT recruitment company in 2005 and gradually pivoted towards providing proactive HR Management with heavy focus on employee alignment and performance management since 2009. And by 2011, the company emerged as a full-fledged Managed-HR company. Focused on being a strategic HR partner rather than an outsourcing company to its clients, Kranium associates with its clients by offering complete HR management to them with focus on employee performance. Taking a step further, the company engages with them in ensuring best practices in HR whilst managing the policies, processes and employee performance thereby becoming a partner in client's success.

With a three-pronged methodology (consult, automate and manage), Kranium consults on best practices, helps set up policies, align employees to organization's objectives and put a result oriented performance management system in place. By leveraging the best-in-class technology to automate HR processes, Kranium reduces human intervention which in turn reduces the costs to the client and provides convenience to clients' employees. The company manages the HR function of the client on an ongoing basis using a mix of senior and junior resources being onsite and offsite. While the senior resources provide strategic input to the clients, the juniors offer operational excellence, thus helping the clients with the complete lifecycle of an HR operation extending from recruitment to on-boarding, employee life cycle management, learning management, employee engagement, exit management and others. "We are really good in understanding the business of the client and its people needs. This allows us to create a result oriented performance management system, a set of policies which support performance and also rally all the other HR services to support business," says Jayaraj Menon, Director, Kranium HR Services.

The Focal Point

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