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Kovair Software: An Integrated ALM Platform for Swift Development of Applications

SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
SI Team
To keep up with the pace of technology and achieve business goals, organizations are creating a competitive advantage by developing products, frameworks, and services that are progressively instrumented, interconnected, and insightful. However, to craft a spirited lead across the global market, composite applications must be developed and integrated faster than ever. Kovair Software, a San Ramon, CA based company is helping organizations to develop applications in the most efficient way by providing integrated tool setup. "Today the major area of focus for software development is towards continuous integration and DevOps. We now integrate third party tools through Kovair platform to produce applications with quality and efficiency," says Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman, Kovair Software.

Steering their way into the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) domain, Kovair Software offers end-to-end solutions for faster delivery of applications and products across several verticals. To manage different stages of ALM, Kovair has developed an Omnibus Integration Platform. "Our configurable ALM platform has built-in workflow, through which we offer a complete set of integrated tools and processes to manage the entire IT lifecycle," asserts Shah. Functioning on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) model, it facilitates seamless dataflow across tools and provides cross-lifecycle transparency, macro and micro-level process automation, and correspondence of activities across disciplines by using reports and dashboards.

Kovair's Integrated ALM solution Studio covers the areas like risk assessment, requirements management, development management, source control management through multiple tools, and test and quality assurance. This solution owns the integrating capability that provides a cohesive solution for the entire lifecycle management from ideation to delivery.By connecting with different teams, activities, platforms, processes, and tools, the ALM tasks turns out to be an effortless one. Along with this, Kovair integrates third party tools into their clients' system to overcome the challenges involved in the ALM domain.

Over the years, Kovair has worked with several clients ranging from banking, insurance, financial services, and manufacturing, by leveraging its extensive support and solutions. For instance, a chip equipment company needed assistance to integrate their systems with third party tools including service tools, and build and release management. Kovair's team performed the entire actions in a comprehensive fashion through which the client witnessed massive changes in the operations from an optimization standpoint. "We were able to handle the entire project, from product procurement to implementation and supports helping the client to make their environment more dynamic," shares Shah.

Through Kovair's eminent support and assistance, multitude of companies have gained operational excellence in their ecosystem. This unique trait of Kovair made them stand apart among other competitors in the ALM segment. "Under one banner we offer an array of solutions and services such as requirements management, test management, risk and project management. We are one of the few players who offer a range of comprehensive solutions under one roof which gives us a well recognized status in the ALM arena," notes Shah. Furthermore, Kovair introduced a data synchronization as well as a migration product called the Quick Sync. This solution provides a sole point of solution for integration and migration of data between various tools, open source, and legacy systems.

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