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JVS Technologies: Offering Integrated, Interoperable & Cost-effective Healthcare Products

si Team
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
si Team
Whilst the future growth of Indian IT industry is unequivocally in SMEs' hands, the fastest growing healthcare IT sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28 percent in India, which is estimated to double by 2019. Enriched with 13 years of experience, JVS Technologies is contributing to this express growth by not just providing integrated and interoperable patient-centric healthcare IT solutions that is much yearned worldwide, but also by mastering the art of providing them at low cost. Aside from keeping expenditures under control, JVS' cent-percent online business model also facilitates it to grow its business in more than 25 countries (even in war prone countries like Palestine, Afghanistan & Somalia, where no sales representative will ever visit). The unique approach of providing hassle-free one-stop solutions (encompassing all basic functionalities of hospital system along with mobile apps, patient portals and patient health management apps) has bestowed the Ahmadabad headquartered company with over 1500 customers including Asian Heart Institute, Apollo Hospitals, Siemens, Lupin and Ranbaxy.

Being a dedicated healthcare IT Product Company founded in 2002 in immature Indian market that perceived clinical software's as a luxury, unsurprisingly JVS' journey was fraught with backbreaking challenges. With the help of pharma & medical device industry and commonization of RDC Technology, the five people team of JVS quickly expanded business worldwide over internet and emerged into one of India's fastest growing that added over 1000 customers, 150 business partners and 50 employees within four years (2011-2015). The company that launched world's first plug-and-play software with storage device for interventional cardiology - JVS-DiComPlus, also launched India's first comprehensive iOS & android compatible free patient health record management app - MyHealthData, which is getting over hundred downloads/week in Google Play and Apple App Store.

SoftClinic - Scalable from Single Physician to Corporate Hospital

With JVS' SoftClinic, an all-in-one (comprising of HIS & EMR), multi-lingual (supports French, Arabic, Hindi, English & Indonesian), secure, cloud-based and easily scalable application with flexible cost structure, clients only need to upgrade to higher version as they grow. While SoftClinic's mobile apps facility helps physicians to observe patient's data like vitals and change the treatment accordingly, integrated Patient Portal helps patients to view their data online, chat with their providers, book appointments and pay bills; from anywhere anytime. The company that also builds solutions wholeheartedly, develops long term relationship with customers that transcend economics.

Applauding Risk Taking & Innovative Thinking

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