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Is BYOD Phenomenon Compromising Intellectual Property!

Surendra Singh
Regional Director, India & SAARC-Websense Inc
Thursday, August 29, 2013
Surendra Singh
Websense is a San Diego-based company specializing in Web security gateway software which allows organizations to safely use the web and email while protecting sensitive data. The company has a market cap of $906 Million.

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon is rapidly circumventing enterprise security and policies. With security attacks and data loss resulting from employee use of insecure mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones, USB devices, and tablets; huge losses can be incurred to organizations. In turn companies need to address these issues to securely take advantage of the productivity benefits of mobility.

There have been many attacks on enterprises quite recently like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and many other enterprises which have reported security breaches and yet many companies are very casual about their security measures. There is no denying that the social web is the new web with nearly every enterprise using it in one way or another. But along with its enormous popularity comes enterprise-size risks and the industry is experiencing a deluge of attacks with each one more strategic than the last. The masterminds, in many cases, are criminal organizations motivated by data and money, rather than fame and mischief as in previous years. This was proven by an advanced persistent threat, known as Aurora, which leveraged Google and a previously unknown Internet Explorer vulnerability to pilfer data. The attack was specifically designed to evade traditional antivirus and Web reputation defenses to gain access to enterprise assets and sensitive information.

Unfortunately, most enterprises are not yet prepared to handle threats like these as they are lacking the proper controls to effectively enforce acceptable use policy, prevent new forms of malware, and protect sensitive data. So, in the race to maximize its potential, enterprises must take due care to completely protect the business against advanced threats and targeted attacks and should enable secure use of the social web and provide data loss prevention (DLP) with inbound and outbound protection.

Mitigating the threat of the security of Intellectual Property

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