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June - 2009 - issue > Cover Story

Interesting and Cool Enterprise Products in the market

ST Team
Monday, June 1, 2009
ST Team
It is interesting to watch the Enterprise IT market. Off late, this market in India is buzzing with activity though it was reported that the current financial slowdown will result in a dip in IT spending. In our pursuit to find the real scene, we first met a few CIOs to understand their take on the adoption of IT in enterprises during these tough times, and the results were surprising. The enterprises are looking for value driven solution and such technologies especially those on the web is on great demand. A globalized economy, rapid market change, changing workforce and regulations have turned the desire for more agile and usable applications into a business imperative. Applications and solutions in the areas of CRM, SCM, Business Intelligence and Collaboration tools are now much sought after by enterprises to increase their efficiency and productivity. We also see wave of interest around technologies that can help cost optimization.

At Gartner also, the observers say that the enterprise software market has the potential to weather the current economic downturn better than in 2001 and 2002 because market conditions are dramatically different in terms of maturity, penetration, confidence in IT, and the geographical and vertical mix.

Today Enterprise IT is a healthy market, in which vendors are doing well despite a tough economy. Even more attention seeking fact is that in the race we observed a lot of small and medium companies winning deals and moving forward.

This made us at The Smart Techie to venture into finding enterprise products that are already doing well in 2009 and are poised for even greater success in 2010. Our experts spotted a few interesting and Cool Enterprise Products in the market in terms of their specialization, demand and cutting edge technology. Apart from all this, these companies seem to have formulated innovative strategies that will help it emerge stronger and more profitable when global spending on IT itself gets back on track.

You can read about these products in detail in the cover feature section of The Smart Techie (This issue itself).
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