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Intellileap: For an Intelligent Leap Towards Excellence

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
India undoubtedly has emerged as a major innovation and development hub for IT products in the world. Yet, the most prosaic fact is that there is still a huge dearth of Indian products in the global marketplace. There are very few who think beyond working on the upper layers of existing IT products and create something new diving deep into the technology. Vignesh Hebbar was one of those who always wondered why we can't have 'Made in India' - worldclass IT products. Long gestation period in the lifecycle of a product company plays a major role in shrinking the number of product companies in India. The entire process consumes a significant time and it becomes difficult for businesses to survive during this period. It never tied Vignesh away from his dreams. Therefore in 2012, he along with Badrinath Kamath started Intellileap Solutions India with a vision of bringing up innovative software products that could enhance business processes and ensure greater business success. "Today technology is changing at such a pace that when you think your final product is ready, it is time again to work on it," says Vignesh Hebbar, Founder, Managing Director & CEO, Intellileap.

Having spent over 20 years in leadership and acclaimed management roles spread across MNCs, Vignesh discussed his ideas with diverse set of industry leaders and finally decided to start with Business Process Management (BPM) that always amused him as a management discipline and a technology. He started delving deep into the dynamics of BPM and understanding the opportunities, prospects and challenges of the global BPM market projected to be $7.6 billion in 2016 by Forrester Research.

Vignesh was well aware of the complexities in obtaining and managing human and working capital. Hence, objectifying Intellileap demanded a work force to reckon with, this being the basis with great pensive he brought in ten, not only like-minded but also enthusiastic, committed people with rich industry experience. Living by its name derived by coalescing 'Intelligence' and 'Leap', Intellileap strives to equip its clients have an intelligent leap towards excellence. The two year old startup is now ready to go to market with its flagship product IntelliPro BPMS which is built using the latest web based technologies, Microsoft technologies and open industry standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and others. The software easily integrates with an organization's existing IT infrastructure and is available not only as an On-Premise solution but also as a Cloud offering.

The robust, scalable and secure platform can be accessed on laptop, tablet or mobile without time or place constraints. Even the User Interface (UI) is such that even non-technical people can easily define, design, execute, analyze and improve their processes immaculately. In the days to come, Intellileap plans to be compliant with PaaS (Platform as a service) and also offer BPaaS (Business Process as a Service). The company would be focusing on specific industries such as Manufacturing, BFSI, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, amongst others in the markets in U.S., Middle East, and South East Asia.

Eyeing on the prospects of BPM where it would even become an important feature of offerings like ERP, CRM, ECM and others, Intellileap is looking to raise capital in innovative ways without compromising on its management control. Currently headquartered in Bangalore, the organization will be incorporated in U.S. next month and would also look for setting up offices in Malaysia or Singapore in the coming times.
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