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Infosemantics: Driving Solutions with Versatility

SI Team
Monday, November 4, 2013
SI Team
"Boutique"-till late 90s this word was associated with specialized elite fashion shops. In those days customer awareness and customization was an upcoming trend. Along came the concept of boutique being a one stop shop for offering customized products and services to the customers. Gradually the trend gained momentum and with customers becoming the epicentre of the marketing concepts, boutique has become synonymous to specialized businesses.

One company that tapped on the opportunity and that has gone on to create an impact is Infosemantics, an expert level boutique consulting firm, specializing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI) and Special Projects. Positioned as a versatile boutique consultancy that consistently wins commercial, government, higher education, and international contracts it competes against mid-level and larger big four consulting organizations. Infosemantics enjoys lower overhead and an excellent industry reputation that affords the company a strong recruiting position.

The company's experience links project failure to unrealistic project planning, teams made up of unproven junior consultants, and a reliance on consultants whose skills are so narrow that decision making is protracted and inefficient leading to ineffective technical recommendations and decision points. In building project teams, Infosemantics' emphasis is on seniority, proven real world experience, and clear communication ability. "Through our commitment to user group presentations, we find that consultants who are experts in multiple business areas of an application or technology are typically excellent consultants. Having these types of resources on a project team allows us to do more with less,"says Naren Thota, President and Founder-Business Intelligence & Government Practice.

Infosemantics resources bring a breadth of experience that covers the source system expertise (ERP) in addition to BI tools and technology. Infosemantics' dual focus results in broader user acceptance for BI solutions, reduced project risk, and lower project cost.

"People First" belief

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