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September - 2011 - issue > Buyer's Perspective

Indian Mobile Market: The Multi Billion Opportunity

ST Team
Thursday, September 8, 2011
ST Team
The past few years, India has seen a sudden rise in the consumption of mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and more. In a conversation with SmartTechie, Samartha Raghava N, Founder & CEO, Smart Sky Electronics & Research, talks about this the changing scenario of Indian mobile market and the multibillion opportunities it presents.

How do you see the boom in mobilization in India going ahead?

In the new flat world, with complex ecosystems for livelihood, mobility has become almost as essential as a basic necessity. With increased urbanization and the complex eco-system for livelihood, the amount of mobility of humans has increased. Urbanization in India is increasing by the day and will tip to greater than 50 percent by year 2030. It is becoming increasingly important for people to stay connected on the move, leading to an upsurge in consumption and production of such devices such as smart phones and tablets.

How are mobility devices affecting convergence? Will seamless connectivity across devices be possible in the Indian context?

We can think about convergence in several different ways. One is in terms of the actual industries converging, such as communication, entertainment, and computing. Another is converging voice, video, and data over a common infrastructure or within a common computing platform.

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