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Indian Business Solutions: A Holistic Approach to Improve Client's Value Chain

si Team
Thursday, March 24, 2016
si Team
Gone are the days when compliance and corporate governance were perceived as a cost benefit in the short run. Especially, with the startup boom, many entrepreneurs are embracing GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliances) to nullify the risk of failure and are looking for a complete hand holding and solutions to increase their future valuations, while large corporates are keenly following processes and systems to become Indian MNCs. Most SMEs who used to obtain just one stream of services from local professionals are also realizing the need for all-round expert advice. Unfortunately, most of the professionals barely have expertise in one area with local presence. And it's difficult for them to serve a client with holistic approach of covering risk and developing control systems, whereas large consultants are available at Metro city with high cost.

Born in 2009 as a solution to all these issues, India Business Solutions (IBS) offers affordable one-stop advisory services for legal, financial, taxation and structuring with same standards, which helps startups and established players to grow in competitive business environment. Expanded its presence across Asia within five years of operations, this Mumbai based company has expert team catering to all spheres of business - legal, financial, taxation, IT risk management, business structuring, and management advisory services including cross border transactions. IBS provides expert advice to reduce risk and improve the value chain of client, which will result in higher valuations. During due diligence process, IBS once recommended a client to implement BCC (Business Cycle Controls), which helped them to achieve double the valuation than expected, while raising funds. Likewise, another client, who was incurring operational losses, started making profits after implementing BCC as per IBS' advice.

"Many organizations run their operations as per their best knowledge & practices and with advice from their friends and guides - however they clearly lack in GRC compared to developed world. We are educating the importance of the setting up and review of process controls in place in order to avoid future unforeseen disastrous situations," explains Dinesh Makani, Managing Partner, IBS. IBS helps clients with proper Due Diligence and implementation of GRC, wherein it covers most of their risk, which facilitates the client to take informed decision.

Exploring More Value Creation Opportunities

IBS works with all sectors, levels of companies PAN Asia and has many offerings that help companies across life cycle. This translates into a tremendous growth opportunity for all the 50+ IBS employees, since they get to work on newer set of challenges with each client, all the while developing their global perspectives. And this opportunity seems even more magnificent considering the fact that the company encourages independent thinking for best result as well as cross departmental learning. IBS' team members have received many recognitions from various forums as they deliver lectures and presentations on various topics in GRC.

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