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Incognito Worldwide: Believing in Being the Best, Not Just Good

Anamika Sahu
Monday, July 28, 2014
Anamika Sahu
We have heard great stories about college friends joining hands together to start a business. But the story for Incognito Worldwide is a bit twisted. Here, the two friends come from two corners of the world. Bruce T. Dugan, an American, had an Indian friend whom he met and befriended in New York City at a business function. Bruce had a project he envisioned called EventzPipeline that he wanted to develop, and his friend was already running a development company in Bangalore. So after knowing each other about a year, he encouraged Bruce to come to India and his company would develop the project for him. However, when Bruce arrived to India in the summer of 2012, he spent weeks waiting for things to move forward. They didn't.

"I was waiting, and waiting for progress and forward movement, spending most days at an outdoor café in Jayanagar. While there I met a young group of people and we became friends, meeting there most days. We took some motorcycle trips, and hung together at clubs and events around town. Only after about a week did I learn that they were programmers and they learned of my project. They wanted to do something, start a company," says Dugan.

Dugan quickly realized his new friends' incredible cognitive learning skills and became a believer. It was then that he decided to involve them with Intech Creative LLC. He then returned to the U.S. to a get a long-term business Visa and returned in the summer of 2013 and began building a team of programmers and marketers. Intech Creative LLC then incorporated Incongito Worldwide as a subsidiary in India. Thus, Incognito took birth as an exclusive service fulfillment company operating from India and serving clients at first in the U.S., and later adding clients based in India.

Intech Creative LLC meanwhile has shifted its focus solely to developing subscription-based Cloud products. The entire suite of products is intended for fragmented and underserved industry sectors. The first product ADRS, an advertising management system for online publishers, is scheduled for a Beta launch in the summer of 2014. Dugan says "The beauty of the product is that it can be used by any publisher on any platform they work on". EventzPipline and the mobile product Craveller are scheduled for BETA testing later in the current fiscal year and the first quarter of 2015 respectively.

Today, Incognito Worldwide is positioned as a multi-location digital agency providing end-to-end branding, technology and marketing services, as well as online turn-key platforms for domain registration, hosting, and directory listings. The company offers consulting, design and implementation management across its services list. It currently has agents in the U.S., Canada and Buenos Aires, with the intent to open a sales office in London this year.

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