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In4Velocity: Transforming the Real Estate Business Processes

Sudhakar Singh
Friday, July 26, 2013
Sudhakar Singh
The real estate sector is a major contributor towards the Indian economic growth. With the government's policy allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in this sector, the industry has also witnessed the arrival of several foreign real estate investment companies, the attraction being the high returns on investments. But even when there is no dearth of talent and capital, the Indian real estate industry is struggling to use the resources efficiently.

The need of the hour is solution providers who can organize business processes for the optimum use of resources. In4Velocity Systems, India's leading real estate and construction management software company realized this potential market and built apt solutions to cure the woes of the Indian real estate industry. Based in Bangalore, the company is making business processes simpler for their clients under the able guidance of Rahul Chawla, CEO.

The idea behind the company's foundation was the unavailability of a specialized enterprise resource management platform for the real estate sector. The company developed the revolutionary product called In4Suite, which is today used by a plethora of real estate developers to transform their business processes for the better. Spread across 11 cities in India the organization is 150 people strong.

Like in any other sector, every project in the real estate industry has a life cycle which consists of various stages and each of these stages has its own limitations when it comes to execution. In4Velocity caters to every stage of this life cycle and deals with all the challenges by breaking down the problem into parts and deducing an efficient and faster method to speed up the processes and avoid wastage. "We are like a real estate business built into the software," says Chawla.

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