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Importance of Sam in a Cloud Based Environment

Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India
Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India
Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Crayon Software Experts is a global leader in software asset management (SAM), cloud & volume licensing and other associated consulting services and it specializes in optimizing client ROI from complex technology.

The key business drivers for the adoption of Software Asset Management (SAM) in organizations have changed over the years. Contrary to common belief that SAM is usually adopted to deal with compliance related issues, most opt for SAM implementation to identify software procurement that could enable cost cutting.

Many organizations feel that there is redundancy in management of existing software. They are looking at options to curb unnecessary expenses involved in buying new softwares. The intelligence provided by comprehensive SAM programs is pivotal in managing unnecessary expenditure or revising Support & Maintenance agreements and even negotiating with software publishers for volume licenses.

In the recent past, there has been an increasing trend of organizations moving away from on-premise application & storage and shifting towards cloud-based services. The shift in operations to cloud has led to a need for SAM programs that are more flexible and dynamic in nature. The SAM program must get acclimatized to deal with challenges that organizations counter in a cloud environment. The basic fundamentals of SAM principles remain constant There is an essential difference in licensing risks and effective implementation of SAM in a cloud environment in comparison to its implementation in a traditional IT environment.

Another prominent trend among SAM communities to draw new customer base has been to offer attractive discounts on cloud licensing. This is an attempt to offer latest platforms and software versions to organizations. Organizations working on cloud and adopting SAM programs must be able to evaluate what kind of SAM model works best for them. This evaluation can be done by analyzing the following information points simultaneously:

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