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IT Services Rise of Tier II companies

Madhavi Vuppalapati
Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Madhavi Vuppalapati
The Indian IT outsourcing industry is going through very exciting phase in its business life cycle. The industry is rising up to the challenge thrown at them by the dominant IT outsourcing vendors from U.S. and Europe. In doing so, the industry has had to be flexible, creative and smart in changing the rules of the game. The large IT outsourcing companies in India have been successful in leading the way. The next set of innovations in business models would come from the Tier II Outsourcing companies in India who are trying to break the billion dollar revenue barrier.

Each of the Tier II companies is trying to chart its’ own course to achieve this mark. Customers, investors and industry observers are eager to understand and participate in this endeavor undertaken by these companies. Thus, the future shape of the outsourcing industry in India would depend on how these strategies get executed and help them achieve their targets. As one of the leading Tier II companies, in India, Prithvi is contributing to the change in the industry by transformation itself.

Some of the few questions, I am frequently asked during my interaction with stakeholders are:

How will Tier II companies reach their targets? What are the problems they face? Will they really succeed in reaching their targets? The answer lies in understanding the barriers that need to be broken to achieve this target.

Barriers to be Broken:

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