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IKON: Unique Businesses, Unique Challenges, Exceptional Solutions!!

Pankaj Kundwani
Monday, July 28, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Business challenges may not meet you as known faces. Entrepreneurs these days do not hesitate to approach able consultants to get expert advice on how to go about demanding business intricacies, though they sometimes lack the knack to take the best from their consultants. They keep expectations that rather clashes with their own requirements and firm's offerings. On the contrary, many consultants would provide readymade solutions that might have worked earlier without getting into the shoes of a business. Well aware of the tricks of the trade, Azaz Motiwala, a renowned marketing expert and Certified Management Consultant (CMC), founded IKON Marketing Consultants in 2001. "Unlike other marketing consulting firms, we never impose standard scope of consulting work on client, rather we take each case unique for us and offer tailor made solution, which not only reduces consulting cost but also deliver expected results to client," says Azaz Motiwala, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, IKON Marketing Consultants.

Having core expertise in developing and implementing results-oriented marketing strategies and plans for India and Global markets, Azaz is a keynote speaker, columnist and author of best seller 'The Dictionary of Marketing'. He is also an executive council member of 'The Institute of Management Consultants of India'. With his deep and wide experience, Azaz has led IKON to the position where it is one of the eminent players in the marketing domain of management consulting industry in India. Today, the Ahmedabad based company has emerged as a problem solver and growth partner in consulting industry not only in India but across other markets like Middle East, China, Bhutan, Russia, Japan, Korea, and U.S.

The 14-year old company has immense expertise and capabilities in market opportunity assessment, consumer & shopper insights, growth strategy, marketing strategy, branding, International marketing, India entry strategy and training amongst others. It helps clients achieve their growth objectives, solve marketing & sales problems, identify and seize market opportunities and improve marketing performance. "Apart from advice clients with strategic recommendations, reports, data and/or presentations, we support clients in implementing recommended solutions and building their capabilities," adds Azaz.

Promoting an ethical, live and supportive work culture, IKON houses a team of over 30 senior functional and industry experts across the globe and other junior consultants graduated from India's top B-schools. The dedicated and result oriented team even goes beyond the decided scope of work to deliver the clients best results and value for their money. To track on emerging consumer needs and other aspects of consumer behavior, market potential and market trends, IKON has also built a team of research analyst and experts who conduct consumer and market research on regular basis to remain abreast with latest market and marketing trends. Enormous learning opportunities and free flow of ideas make IKON one of the preferred firms for aspiring management consultants.
Like every organization, IKON also faces challenges of hiring the right talent, managing change in client's organization to build their internal capability. But these challenges never stop the company to meet its organizational and clients' goals. On a constant growth trajectory, IKON is looking forward to make inroads in the global markets like Dubai, China and Africa setting up new office establishments.

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