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How to Capture Customer Feedback That Supports Actionable Business Decisions?

Jaakko Männistö, CEO, Feedbackly
Friday, February 3, 2017
Jaakko Männistö, CEO, Feedbackly
Headquartered in Helsinki, Feedbackly is a multichannel feedback collection and analytics platform that enables businesses to collect customer feedback on different touch points and turn the collected data into actionable insights.

More and more companies are using online surveys as a way of capturing satisfaction feedback from their customers. Advances in technology over the past few years have made it very cost-effective to collect large amounts of data on a continuous basis. And companies are beginning to jump onto the bandwagon to gather experience feedback. But if it isn't done right, you can easily end up with poor results that don't really help support the strategic or operational decisions that you set out to benefit from in the first place.

Based on my experience over the past years, as Director in a firm that specializes in Customer Experience Measurement and Management, I often find that people are challenged when it comes to how to collect feedback that you can actually use to enhance your business. Maybe you want to gauge your customers' experiences when they visit your stores, browse your website, or when they interact with your sales associates. If you keep these tactics in mind, there will be an inherent validity in the captured feedback and you'll have confidence in the business decisions that you can make as a result.

Here are three tips for you to get started:

Capture Feedback Continuously: If you do this, you are able to look at trends and cause-and-effect. A survey launched once or twice a year often just doesn't cut it, especially when you're trying to assess how customers feel about a shopping experience, dealing with your sales associates, or how the store environment feels to them. These characteristics can change over time, vary by region, or change based on who is managing the stores. If you can capture the feedback continuously and make some operational changes based on the feedback on daily basis, you should be able to see positive changes in customer satisfaction or customer experience levels over time.

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