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How Millennials are using Money & the Need for Money is Endless

Akshay Mehrotra, CEO, EarlySalary
Monday, October 31, 2016
Akshay Mehrotra, CEO, EarlySalary
Headquartered in Pune, EarlySalary proffers the mobile platform for borrowing money through its smart risk scoring system and all set to introduce the fast & easy way to get loan or buy products and pay later.

Who are the Millennials? What is the Hullabaloo around Them?

So essentially, the categories that we speak about are the metro-dwelling twenty something’s, who intend to save up not for retirement but for keeping up with the latest trends and for a sleek lifestyle. They breathe technology and they are repelled by the idea of cumbersome systems and processes. Patience and millennials do not go hand in hand. They do not prefer waiting. They still would not mind ‘loading’. They have grown up in Digitial Era and are used to being served instantly. Instant is the keyword here. They do not really like structure and embrace flexibility. Flexi-hours, innovation, virtual learning, work from home, transparency, and appreciation at work makes up an ideal work place for them.

Be it choosing the best filter on Instagram or sweating it out in the gym to shed that extra gram or splurging on happy-hours to partying till wee hours. That is the ideal way of living. And they are hell-bent on not making any compromises that affects this ideality. They want to be more networked and up-to-date. They might not have an extravagant pocket, but they do have a wealth of information on the newest gigs, fancy dine-outs, happy-hours, fashion sales, flashy gadgets and upcoming movies. They are the ones who have switched to leisurewear from legitimate work clothes at office. Yoga pants and Hoodies are their thing. They are extremely choosy about what they eat. Actively seeking out organic food and keeping a check on calories with their calorie bands is what makes them fit. They love to be the mall-hoppers and the party goers. But, the stark reality is that their social environment does not go well with their financial environment.

What is it that they Like Spending On?

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