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Habitat Ventures: Ultra Luxurious Homes Just a Step Away

SI Team
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
SI Team
About Us:

Habitat Ventures, one of the forefront runners in the real estate business since 2004 in Bangalore is known for the amazingly unique projects it has completed and is currently completing. The company has expertise in conceptualizing, building and operating innovative high quality real estate development. A small group of architects who are extremely experienced in all aspects of the real estate development started Habitat Ventures. The company has won the Emerging Developer of the Year 2012 award. They have started HVP RR which is a commercial project. They have also partnered in a PPP project which is the first automated driving test facility for RTO.


Habitat Ventures’ vision is to emerge as the real estate developer of choice in Southern India by building quality relationships through a work culture that promotes integrity, respect & loyalty. It also aims to provide exemplary service to its clients & customers in a professional and transparent environment and make the entire experience of dealing with Habitat Ventures pleasant & personal.

Completed Projects:

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