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Guidelines for Breakthrough in Innovation

Chetan Maini
Deputy Chairman and Chief of Technology & Strategy-Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles P
Friday, July 26, 2013
Chetan Maini
"Going green and affordability do not mix", was the response given when trying to introduce clean energy cars in India. This type of pessimistic ridicule cannot be avoided with attempts to break free from conventional norms. With persistence and courage I dared to do something different and it paid off because presently, Reva has its presence in 24 countries including Europe and Great Britain.

Key aspects of instances of this journey can be projected and applied since his inception of REVA in 1994. Having proven my credibility as not just an innovator but also as an entrepreneur, I would like to share on these various aspects of insights and experiences which can also be applied in any sphere of business and innovation.

The insights initially included the need for focus while honing down on a particular solution. The solutions should solve problems not only now but in the long run. Further there would be an assurance of being in the right direction because there is a vision in place since the solutions are based on results reserved for the long run. In retrospect it is a fact that there will be life challenges and the final work on solutions towards this area.Ultimately they would be rewarding and they would come through being the success of a larger challenge.

Think out of the Box with Change in Perspective

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