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GLTYR: Mobile Content Creation and Distribution for Next Gen Marketing

SI Team
Monday, October 19, 2015
SI Team
Of late, several startups have taken the industry by storm and several visionary founders are vying for the promotion of innovative and revolutionary marketing concepts across various verticals and audiences. However, barring the technicalities, the statistics, and the strategies, one major challenge that all startups face is marketing. Meeting this challenge is GLTYR, an Arizona based company, which provides schools, realtors, small business service providers, and educational institutions, the ability to create and distribute marketing content with picture, audio, video and text directly from their phones.

"Unless the sales and marketing strategy is innovative, a startup will find it difficult to acquire a substantial customer base," begins Subra Sudhakar, Founder of GLTYR. GLTYR is a mobile service to create spot marketing ads in five minutes or less. Communicating and sharing by integrating picture, audio, video and content created from a mobile device presents a huge market opportunity for growth over the coming years. GLTYR aims to fundamentally change the enabling technologies for mobile content creation and distribution via multiple distribution channels, straight from your phone to capture the limited attention span of the audience.

GLTYR, which stands for "Give Life to Your Reality", is a content marketing app for creating powerful and compelling multi-dimensional messages. The exclusivity of the app lies in the amount of control given to the user. The customer can upload photographs, an audio or video clip, and web links; whatever suits their needs; all accomplished in a matter of minutes. Ranging from marketing ads, announcements to job listings, invitations and executive profiles, the list of possibilities with the GLTYR app at hand is endless. Born out of a combination of the current trends in the technology landscape, GLTYR focuses on the efficacy of the mobile content creation and mobile email marketing as a service. This has sparked the convergence of images with audio, video, and text, which makes it easier for the users to market their products and services on the go.

An ad-free platform, GLTYR has strived to rewrite the way mobile content marketing works for small businesses, individual service providers and startups with small list sizes (< 5,000). The app is easy to use and quick to deliver. After logging on to the app, the user creates their profile. On the GLTYR template, a user can write a summary of approximately nine hundred characters, and record an optional thirty second video and / or an audio. In terms of security, GLTYR pages are encrypted and can only be viewed by the people who have the link. The pages cannot be searched and GLTYR users maintain control of their content from their phones.

The uniqueness of GLTYR is that there is no web interface to create content. It's entirely mobile. However, the content created on a mobile device can be consumed on the browser which is opposite to what is happening today, where the content (long form text, audio and video) is primarily created on the desktop / PC and pushed to the various consumption mediums including the mobile devices.

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