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Futuresoft Solutions: Proactive Support Ensuring a Win-Win-Win for All Stakeholders

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, September 28, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
The ferocious competition in today's highly interconnected global village has propelled impeccable customer support as the key factor that decides the fate of a brand. However, due to the steadily expanding customer environment in the vast Indian subcontinent, it is impossible for OEMs like Citrix to comfort customers with individual attention; be it delivering last-mile support, edifying customers about their innovationsor conducting commercial transaction. Swooping in with a unique proactive go-to-market strategy, FSPL (Futuresoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.), acts as the perfect Citrix Channel Partner by ensuring a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.

FSPL focuses on showcasing the solution to client in its environment before the sale is made and then takes responsibility for successful implementation & post implementation support; thereby bestowing client with peace of mind and Citrix with high end-user satisfaction without investment. The Delhi headquartered company ensures cent-percent renewal and at least 30 percent year-on-year business increment. Futuresoft extends the same level of capability and services one can attain by directly signing up enterprise contract with Citrix, only for a cost that is much lower than Citrix. And it gets better. This overachieving channel partner has proactive & reactive touch points, wherein Citrix would only escalate on the point of engagement.

Unfolding Citrix's Utmost Potential
Working with Citrix since 1997, FSPL excels in all three solution streams of Citrix namely Virtualization, Networking & Mobility. It also embodies Citrix's technology leadership and their ability to keep pace with the changing needs of businesses. The company unfurls the utmost potential of Citrix's paramount self-integrated solution (which works in VDI, BYOD and manages an organization's entire mobility framework), to transform the roadblock of securing official data in personal device into a stepping stone. The company with the combined resource strength of 1400 has over 20 Citrix certified executives who dedicatedly serve and support customer on-premise. Completely invested in customers, these people go the extra mile in terms of keeping track of customer's business roadmaps & challenges, mapping it to various technologies available within Citrix arena and providing solutions aligned with it, as opposed to other channel partners who merely work on identifying notified opportunities. Even after implementation FSPL takes complete ownership and supports customers in a hybrid model remote & last-mile onsite support. Moreover, since it is the FSPL's pre-sale team that helps customer to prepare the business deal, Citrix's pre-sale investment becomes almost zero.

Strategic but Aggressive Plans
Citrix has been the leader in defining the road map for virtualization/application performance and has a strong channel oriented GTM in its DNA, which ensures not only our client's investments are protected but our investments too are well respected/complemented, explains Vipul. Established in 1988 by Sunil Gujral, FSPL metamorphosed into a private company in 1996 under the helm of Vipul. Whilst RoI being an old age issue, customer mindset has been the biggest bottleneck for FSPL. With time, however, customer has begun to appreciate the intangible business benefits solution from Citrix, which helps them manage the business dynamics.

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