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Fracton Technologies: Bringing Innovation in Education and Telecom

SI Team
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
SI Team
Powered with a passionate vision, focused approach and strong expertise in the cutting-edge technology development; Fracton Technologies have come a long way in just two years of their inception. Founded by four IIT and IIM alumnus, Fracton offers innovative solutions – covering hardware, software and services – aimed at the major pain-points of education and telecom sectors.

BlueBook, the flagship offering of the company, is a comprehensive education solution comprising of a wide spectrum of applications and services that greatly enhance the existing education delivery and reception mechanisms. BlueBook solution offers a new-age Learning Management System, the facility of automated recording & distribution of live lectures, the ability to virtually re-live classroom experience on anytime anywhere basis and a 360-degree feedback mechanism. The solution supports multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) as well as devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones).

"Education domain has not seen the extensive penetration of technology the way other domains of our daily lives such as banking, healthcare, retail market and communications and others have witnessed. BlueBook is positioned to achieve exactly that objective," says Vijay Shukla, CEO, Fracton Technologies. "In addition to effectively removing the factors that limit a student’s ability to be an excellent learner, BlueBook makes the education a truly interactive and immensely engaging process," claims Shukla.

With nEDwork, its second offering to the education sector, Fracton has ventured into a cloud based secure and user-friendly school management system to enable an efficient and hassle-free management of educational institutions. It also includes automated attendance monitoring and features like automatic SMS to parents.

Fracton is also offering unique and effective solutions to the Wireless Telecommunications industry. With extensive expertise ranging from 2G to 4G technologies and excellent solution development capabilities, Fracton is poised to make its mark in this market segment in the foreseeable future.

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