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Four Strengths of a High Performance Organisation

Nupur Shrivastava, HR Head - India, ARM
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Nupur Shrivastava, HR Head - India, ARM
Headquartered in Cambridge, ARM Holdings is the global leader in semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and development of digital electronic products. Employing over 2000 people, ARM has offices around the world, including design centers in France, India, Sweden, and the U.S.

Workplaces of today need to attract and retain three generations of working population. It has hence become imperative to evolve and arrive at a strategy, which balances the needs of such a diverse workforce. However, there isn't one, which fits all. Since any such strategy needs to be based firmly on the specific organization's culture, values and core beliefs. At a strategic level, four key areas of focus come to mind.

An Effective Recruitment Strategy

An effective recruitment strategy plays a key role in preserving an organization's culture. This area has undergone a paradigm shift the past decade. Several companies now employ non-traditional, highly innovative ways of hiring. Social media has clearly emerged as one such critical channel. This is followed closely by employee referrals. Collectively, besides becoming pivotal to a company's recruitment strategy, these two channels can also considerably bring down the cost of talent acquisition.

Additionally, increased industry-academia collaboration, over the past decade, has also enhanced the way in which companies undertake recruitment of younger workforces. Unlike earlier, where one got to experience an organization only after being hired, students today get to witness this much earlier through campus outreach programs. These programs continue to strengthen engagement with faculty and universities and provide a platform for students to work on industry relevant projects even in their university years.

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