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March - 2012 - issue > In Conversation

Exploring the billion dollar Indian Semiconductor Market

Vimali Swamy
Monday, March 5, 2012
Vimali Swamy
In a recent visit to India, Dave Bell, CEO, Intersil talks about expansion plans in India, setting up a focused India center and the plans to penetrate the Indian market.

Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), is a global technology company, specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance analog semiconductors. Based in Milpitas, California, Intersil has had a continued focus on leading in attractive high performance analog markets — while increasing profitability and cash flow; providing it a sustainable long-term model for success.

Intersil began its transformation into a high performance analog company in 2003, with the divestiture of its wireless business. Its products address three of the industry’s fastest growing markets — flat panel displays, optical storage (for CD and DVD recordable products), and power management. Its leadership products include amplifiers, analog front ends, communication interfaces, data converters, digital potentiometers, display solutions, DSL solutions, optical storage products, power management products, power sequencers, real time clocks, smart batteries, switches/MUX's, VoIP products, and ICs for military, space and rad-hard applications.

Innovating new business models

We are one of the leaders in high performance analog and mixed-signal ICs, and are present in 35 global locations, which include 17 design centers. At present the company is clocking revenue of $761 million (2011). We offer a broad range of analog and mixed-signal products for power management, analog and mixed-signal, and consumer products. In the past decade, the company has grown, both organically and inorganically, having made several acquisitions, and widening its product portfolio. In the semi-con industry, one would either find a fables company or one with fabs. But we have come up with a unique model called the ‘asset-lite’ and its manufacturing benefits include, access to advanced technologies, specialized technologies that are retained in-house, flexible capacity, and reduced risk. We are focused on developing more integrated and intelligent products that simplify customers’ design process.

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