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SI Team
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
SI Team
Leveraging marketing automation for customer engagement has become priority for most marketers and with rapid advances in technology adoption across organizations large and small is growing quickly. Recognizing this trend, many providers of marketing solutions have advanced their technologies and added functionality to enable brands better reach and engage their customers and prospects. However, most of today's marketing automation platforms require a high level of proficiency to operate, as they are unable to personalize communications effectively and are limited to delivering communications on a single channel such as email. In order to close this important gap, Experiture, a Customer Engagement Marketing Platform, enables marketers of all kinds to create, deploy, measure, and optimize automated multichannel marketing programs at scale-without tapping into or requiring any expensive IT resources.

Designed for both B2B and B2C marketers, Experiture's marketing platform was developed with a singular goal: to make marketing human again. Experiture enables organizations to design unique experiences for their customers and prospects, fostering a one to-one dialogue that encourages engagement and interaction. Based in New York City, Experiture delivers its customer engagement platform to support the needs of all types of marketing teams by delivering easy-to-use, self-service marketing tools accessible via any Web browser and also as a fully managed service. The Experiture platform includes powerful marketing capabilities including Email Marketing, Mobile/SMS Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lifecycle/Loyalty Marketing, Event Marketing, Lead Nurturing and Scoring. It also includes robust integrations into Social Media applications, Search and Display Marketing solutions and dozens of popular CRM systems. "Our focus is on delivering a single marketing management platform to enhance and streamline the ways organizations communicate with their customers and prospects," states Tej Kohli, CEO of Experiture.

With Experiture's integrated Email Marketing capabilities, marketers can quickly design and deploy their own campaigns, evaluate what is working, and even make adjustments without any help from technical staff. "Our powerful composition tools enhance the ability of any marketer to execute targeted email communications based on customer segments or individual customer profiles while leveraging hundreds of available templates to speed time-to-market," says Kohli. This integrated marketing empowers customers with a single platform that synchronizes and automates personalized messaging across email, SMS, direct mail, and more, alongside personalized online response pages that capture data from responses and interactions within the included customer data warehouse."Experiture triggers and targets relevant communication based on changes in a customer's profile information, ensuring that the right messages are being sent to that customer at precisely the right time," continues Kohli.

Besides streamlining marketing processes, Experiture also delivers powerful marketing automation capabilities that enable marketers to build automated campaigns to nurture prospects and customers boosting engagement and ROI. Experiture's marketing automation enables its clients to develop truly connected marketing experiences. "Unlike other solutions marketers are no longer limited to creating one-off, ad-hoc campaigns as Experiture enables marketers to create a series of connected communications that are delivered automatically to optimize customer engagement," explains Kohli. "Marketers can leverage specific engagement activity such as open, click and other behavior to trigger automated follow-up communications." To further illustrate the powerful benefits of marketing automation, Kohli provided an example where customer surveys (or even a request to complete an online application) can be enhanced using this approach. Instead of simply sending a single message to boost the overall response rates, Experiture enables marketers to send out a series of messages encouraging the desired interaction from the customer. Most interestingly, each message may have a different subject line or varied content based on the recipient's engagement (or lack thereof) with the previous message. In this way a marketer's overall campaign conversion rate is now enhanced by the actions taken over all the different touch points that were received, and are no longer limited to a one-and done approach. "Using this technique, it is possible to improve and optimize results by over 250 percent using a stand alone marketing approach," says Kohli.

At the heart of Experiture's customer engagement platform lies a powerful automation engine - a key aspect of its architecture. This engine continuously monitors and collects changes in customers' profile and captures their engagement with marketing communications across multiple channels. This information is stored within Experiture's built-in marketing data warehouse and is utilized to drive highly personalized communications that can be triggered automatically. "Experiture gives marketers the tools to personalize communications beyond the email, enabling them to create highly personalized customer portals and landing pages to continue the conversation; driving their customers back to online destinations that contain relevant information," explains Kohli. The customer experience engine manages various streams of multi channel content and messaging programmatically, moves people along unique messaging workflows, and ensures that customers never receive the same marketing content twice. "It hink our customers are most responsive and engaged over each of the channels," says Kohli.

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