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November - 1999 - issue > Cover Feature

Entevo's Edge

Monday, November 1, 1999
Aside from dominating the software industry and creating the richest person in the world, Microsoft Corporation does a phenomenal job of attracting independent software vendors (ISV’s). They do so, not only by their market presence, but also by giving ISV’s early access to application programming interfaces and sample codes, bringing them into design reviews and giving feedback on making accessibility to Microsoft’s platform better. Some of the big
Microsoft developers include BMC Software, Tivoli, Seagate and Entevo.

While Entevo works in the directory management field, the strength of Entevo is in making companys’ migration to Windows 2000 simple and seamless. Entevo began to focus on Windows 2000 technology as far back as three years ago.
“We want to make sure that when Windows 2000 ships, we will be the leader in providing value-added management solutions in a heterogenous environment,” says Prashanth Viswanath, co-founder and CTO (chief technology officer),

Whether systems management, network management, and client server applications use databases or cutting-edge e-commerce Internet applications, they all use some sort of a repository of information. These repositories, known as “network directories” in MIS parlance, include market leading directories such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novell NDS and Netscape Directory Server.

Network directory services are becoming a commodity in their own right. And rightfully

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