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Enough with Employees, we need more Employers

Hari Anil
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Hari Anil
In India, if 18 or 21 year old students or graduates tell their parents, relatives, teachers or anyone around them that they have a great business idea and would like to start work on it, they would be laughed at and their idea will be dismissed as a joke. They will have more chance at convincing their elders that earth revolve around the moon than that they can build a successful company. Mark Zuckerberg was barely 20 when he started Facebook. If people around him had dismissed his idea as a youngster’s stupidity, we would still be sending emails and sms to our friends. Forget about Facebook, Paul Allen was 22 and Bill Gates, 20, when they started Microsoft.

Think of all the good things we would have missed if they were stopped. Why are we still producing only employees and not employers?
There are several reasons for this. Our society seems to dawdle with the idea that business is passed on in genes and only a business man’s offspring possess the ability to start and run a successful business, our educational structure is more interested in theory than the practical approach, our middle class and upper middle class mostly stays away from businesses, our society thinks that youngsters does not have enough real life experience to take the right choice, and above all we have failed to accept failure. The truth is that, the society itself is restricting the number of innovators and genius business men it could have produced.

“It is the ecosystems, that is filled with mentors, investors and visionaries, that make entrepreneurship a viable possibility in the U.S. We still do not have it, but recently, a change in this scenario is starting to be visible. I am hoping the new generation will have a better chance at taking on the entrepreneurial path early on,” says M. Srinivas Rao, Founder & CEO, Aujas.

It is said that a child is born agnostic. Our society instills all of its traits and characters into them, and along with these traits is the idea that business is not for us.

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